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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Commerce

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
COMM0999 my BCom Blueprint 0
COMM1000 Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact 6
COMM1040 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 6
COMM1100 Business Decision Making 6
COMM1110 Evidence-Based Problem Solving 6
COMM1120 Collaboration and Innovation in Business 6
COMM1140 Financial Management 6
COMM1150 Global Business Environments 6
COMM1170 Organisational Resources 6
COMM1180 Value Creation 6
COMM1190 Data, Insights and Decisions 6
COMM1900 Organisations in Their Environment 6
COMM1999 my BCom First Year Portfolio 0
COMM2222 Industry Experience Program 6
COMM2233 Industry Consulting Project 6
COMM2244 Future of Work Project 6
COMM2501 Data Visualisation and Communication 6
COMM2822 Introduction to Databases for Business Analytics 6
COMM3000 Evidence-based Intervention Design and Evaluation 6
COMM3020 Global Business Practicum 6
COMM3030 Social Entrepreneurship Practicum 6
COMM3050 Data Use and Misuse 6
COMM3090 Synthesis of Learning Experience 0
COMM3101 Industry Experience Placement 1 6
COMM3202 Industry Experience Placement 2 6
COMM3303 Industry-Research Integrated Learning 6
COMM3501 Quantitative Business Analytics 6
COMM3900 Capstone Project 6
COMM3999 my BCom Graduation Portfolio 0
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Commerce

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
COMM5000 Data Literacy for Business 6
COMM5005 Quantitative Methods for Business 6
COMM5007 Coding for Business 6
COMM5008 Enterprise Skills 6
COMM5010 Strategy, Marketing and Management 6
COMM5020 Global Business Practicum 6
COMM5022 Industry Experience Program 6
COMM5030 Social Entrepreneurship Practicum 6
COMM5040 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems 6
COMM5044 Future of Work Project 6
COMM5201 Business for Social Impact 6
COMM5202 Social and Environmental Sustainability 6
COMM5203 Social and Environmental Outcomes Measurement 6
COMM5205 Leading Change for Sustainability 6
COMM5501 Data Visualisation and Communication 6
COMM5601 Interdisciplinary Applications of Analytics Techniques 6
COMM5615 Systems Thinking and Business Dynamics 6
COMM5701 Social Impact 6
COMM5703 Social Impact Investment 6
COMM5704 Demonstrating Social Impact 6
COMM5706 Design for Social Innovation 6
COMM5707 Social Impact Field Project 6
COMM5709 Corporate Responsibility and Accountability 6
COMM5710 Creating Shared Value 6
COMM5713 Collaboration for Social Impact 6
COMM5902 Leadership for Social Impact 6
COMM5999 myMCom Graduate Portfolio 0
COMM8100 Foundations of Business Research 6
COMM8101 Statistical Methods for Business Research 6
COMM8102 Econometric Analysis 6
COMM8103 Business Research Project Seminar 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Commerce

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
COMM8001 Introduction to Qualitative Research Design and Methods 6
COMM8002 Advanced Quantitative Research Design and Methods 6
COMM8003 Advanced Qualitative Research Design and Methods 6
COMM8004 PhD and Beyond: On Becoming a Scholar 6
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