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Campus Sydney
Subject Law
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
LAWS1021 Crime and the Criminal Process 6
LAWS1022 Criminal Laws 6
LAWS1061 Torts 6
LAWS1091 Business Associations 6
LAWS1141 Principles of Public Law 6
LAWS1214 Foundations Enrichment 2 3
LAWS1230 Lawyers, Ethics and Justice 6
LAWS2270 Law in the Global Context 6
LAWS2326 Theories of Law and Justice 6
LAWS2351 Court Process, Evidence and Proof 6
LAWS2371 Resolving Civil Disputes 6
LAWS2383 Land Law 6
LAWS2384 Legal Experimentalism 6
LAWS2820 Law and Social Theory 6
LAWS3014 Insolvency Law 6
LAWS3023 Commercial and Charitable Trusts 6
LAWS3025 Advanced Contract Law 6
LAWS3046 Intellectual Property 1: Copyright and Designs 6
LAWS3064 UNSW Law Journal (Executive Editor) 6
LAWS3065 UNSW Law Journal Editor 6
LAWS3102 Advanced Criminal Law 6
LAWS3181 International Humanitarian Law 6
LAWS3183 Australian Journal of Human Rights 6
LAWS3187 Forced Migration and Human Rights in International Law 6
LAWS3221 Media Law: General Principles 6
LAWS3321 Introduction to the Australian Legal System 6
LAWS3326 Theories of Law and Justice 6
LAWS3327 Law Schools Global League Summer School 12
LAWS3332 Law and Social Theory 6
LAWS3345 CIBEL Elective (Tsinghua) 6
LAWS3352 International Relations and Sport 6
LAWS3381 Public International Law 6
LAWS3384 Legal Experimentalism 6
LAWS3393 Succession 6
LAWS3396 Family Law Advocacy and Practice 6
LAWS3423 Research Thesis 6
LAWS3434 Research Thesis: Extended 6
LAWS3441 Law Journal (Issue Editor) 6
LAWS3555 UNSW Law Internships 6
LAWS3777 Law Internships: Extended 6
LAWS3901 Honours Research Thesis 6
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