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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Media

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MDIA1000 Working with Time, Space and Experience 6
MDIA1002 Media Industry Contexts 6
MDIA1003 Public Relations and Advertising Principles 6
MDIA1004 News Reporting 6
MDIA1005 Creative Sound Technologies 6
MDIA1006 Mediated Storytelling 6
MDIA2000 Animating Media 6
MDIA2001 Bodies and Interfaces 6
MDIA2002 Analysing Media Communication 6
MDIA2003 Advanced Media Writing 6
MDIA2005 Advertising: The Creative Dimensions 6
MDIA2006 Communication Strategies 6
MDIA2008 Broadcast Journalism: From the Wireless to the Web 6
MDIA3000 Public Relations Discourse and Change 6
MDIA3001 Serious Games 6
MDIA3002 Multiplatform Journalism 6
MDIA3003 Media Portfolio 6
MDIA3004 Festivals and Exhibitions 6
MDIA3005 Social Innovation and Engagement 6
MDIA3006 Advanced Media Production Studio 6
MDIA3007 Media Internship 6
MDIA3008 Issues and Crisis Communication 6
MDIA3009 Integrated Communications 6
MDIA4000 Media Honours 6
MDIA4001 Media Honours 12
MDIA4002 Media Honours 18
MDIA4003 Media Honours 24
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Media

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MDIA5000 Understanding Contemporary Media 6
MDIA5001 Writing for Media 6
MDIA5002 Broadcast Journalism 6
MDIA5003 Online and Mobile Media 6
MDIA5004 Media and Public Relations 6
MDIA5005 Sports, Media and Culture 6
MDIA5006 Feature Writing 6
MDIA5007 Media Ethics and Law 6
MDIA5008 Media Research Project 12
MDIA5010 Literary and Narrative Journalism Practice 12
MDIA5021 Advertising and creativity 6
MDIA5022 Corporate and interpersonal communication 6
MDIA5023 Public relations strategy 6
MDIA5024 Advertising Strategy 6
MDIA5027 Promotional games 6
MDIA5028 Critical Perspectives on Public Relations and Advertising 6
MDIA5030 Brand Management: Professional Practice 12
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