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Campus Sydney
Subject Music and Music Education
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MUSC1803 Music Craft 3 6
MUSC1806 BA Music Craft 3 6
MUSC2001 Good Sounds Feel Better: Music and Musicians for Wellbeing and Healthcare Settings 6
MUSC2116 Sound, Society and Self in World Music 6
MUSC2117 Popular Music: Histories, Grooves, and Texts 6
MUSC2706 Music Ensemble 6
MUSC2801 Music Performance Styles and Interpretation 6
MUSC2802 Music Studio Teaching 6
MUSC2803 Creative Sound Design 6
MUSC2903 Music Craft 6 6
MUSC2905 Advanced Musical Literacies 6
MUSC3105 Psychology of Music 6
MUSC3705 Performance Laboratory C 4
MUSC3706 Performance Laboratory C (Creative Practice/Music Pedagogy) 4
MUSC3802 Music Analysis 6
MUSC3804 Educating the Musical Novice 6
MUSC3806 Immersive Audio 6
MUSC4009 Music Honours 6
MUSC4010 Music Honours 12
MUSC4011 Music Honours 18
MUSC4013 Music Creative Practice Honours Project 6
MUSC4014 Music Creative Practice Honours Project 12
MUSC4015 Music Honours Thesis 6
MUSC4016 Music Honours Thesis 12
MUSC4017 Music Honours Thesis 18
MUSC4104 Advanced Studies in Music History & Culture 2 6
MUSC4705 Performance Laboratory D (Music Creative Practice) 4
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