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Campus Sydney
Subject Engineering interdisciplinary
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ENGG0360 Communicating in Engineering 6
ENGG1200 Undergraduate Special Projects 6
ENGG1300 Engineering Mechanics 6
ENGG1811 Computing for Engineers 6
ENGG2500 Fluid Mechanics for Engineers 6
ENGG2600 Engineering Vertically Integrated Project 2
ENGG2997 Engineering Work Integrated Learning 6
ENGG3600 Engineering Vertically Integrated Project 2
ENGG3741 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering 6
ENGG4102 Humanitarian Engineering Project 6
ENGG4103 International Humanitarian Response 6
ENGG4111 Energy Storage 6
ENGG4600 Engineering Vertically Integrated Project 2
ENGG4906 Co-op Internship 1 6
ENGG4907 Co-op Internship 2 6
ENGG4908 Co-op Internship 6
ENGG4909 Engineering Co-op IT 1 12
ENGG4999 Industrial Training 0
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