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Campus Sydney
Subject Chemistry
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
CHEM1011 Chemistry 1A: Atoms, Molecules and Energy 6
CHEM1021 Chemistry 1B: Elements, Compounds and Life 6
CHEM1777 Chemistry of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products 6
CHEM1829 Biological Chemistry for Optometry Students 6
CHEM2031 Inorganic Chemistry: The Elements 6
CHEM2041 Analytical Chemistry: Essential Methods 6
CHEM2901 Environmental Chemistry and Sustainability 6
CHEM2999 Special Project in Chemistry 6
CHEM3011 Quantum Nature of Molecules 6
CHEM3051 Medicinal Organic Chemistry 6
CHEM3071 The Chemistry of Catalysis, Systems and Biology 6
CHEM3199 Chemistry Work Placement 1 6
CHEM3299 Chemistry Work Placement 2 6
CHEM3998 Advanced Special Project in Chemistry 6
CHEM4508 Chemistry Honours 8 UoC 8
CHEM4512 Chemistry Honours Project 12
CHEM4516 Chemistry Honours 16 UoC 16
CHEM4518 Chemistry Honours Project 18 Units of Credit 18
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