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Campus Sydney
Subject Arts
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ARTS1011 Inventing the Self: Creative Writing in the Digital Age 6
ARTS1031 Reading Through Time 6
ARTS1062 Hollywood Film: Industry, Technology, Aesthetics 6
ARTS1122 Creativity 6
ARTS1190 Sydney: History, Landscapes, People 6
ARTS1211 Australia's Asian Context 6
ARTS1241 Environmental Advocacy and Activism 6
ARTS1362 Critical Thinking for Today's World 6
ARTS1451 Chinese 2 for Non-Background Speakers 6
ARTS1453 Chinese 2 for Background Speakers 6
ARTS1481 French 2 6
ARTS1511 German 2 6
ARTS1541 Modern Greek 2 6
ARTS1570 Spanish 1 6
ARTS1631 Japanese 2 6
ARTS1661 Korean 2 6
ARTS1691 The Use of Language 6
ARTS1753 Culture, Experience and Change 6
ARTS1780 Concepts of Europe 6
ARTS1811 Contemporary Issues in Government and Global Politics 6
ARTS1900 Gendered Worlds: Introduction to Gender Studies 6
ARTS2020 Creative Writing 6
ARTS2035 American Literature: Past and Present 6
ARTS2036 Queer Modernisms 6
ARTS2042 The Business of Literature 6
ARTS2063 Cinema and Nation 6
ARTS2065 Screen Production II 6
ARTS2105 Happiness and Philosophy 6
ARTS2120 Writing for Performance 6
ARTS2125 Acting and Performing 6
ARTS2150 A House Divided: The Making of Modern America 6
ARTS2212 Southeast Asia 6
ARTS2213 Asian Popular Culture 6
ARTS2242 The Politics of Climate Change 6
ARTS2243 Waste and Society 6
ARTS2271 Inventing Modern Australia: 1900 to Now 6
ARTS2272 The European World, 1500-1800 6
ARTS2285 The Holocaust: Origins, Implementation, Aftermath 6
ARTS2363 Chinese Philosophy 6
ARTS2383 Ethics: Theory and Practice 6
ARTS2384 Political Philosophy 6
ARTS2390 The Making of the Modern Middle East 6
ARTS2451 Chinese 4 for Non-Background Speakers 6
ARTS2455 Gender in China 6
ARTS2462 Chinese 4 for Background Speakers 6
ARTS2469 Islam in Asia and the Pacific 6
ARTS2485 Exploring French Linguistics 6
ARTS2570 Spanish 3 6
ARTS2631 Japanese 4 6
ARTS2661 Korean 4 6
ARTS2690 Language and Meaning 6
ARTS2751 International Development 6
ARTS2752 Local Politics of Humanitarian and Development Action 6
ARTS2813 International Security: Dilemmas and Debates in Contemporary Global Politics 6
ARTS2817 Diplomacy and Statecraft: Past, Present, Futures 6
ARTS2818 Australian Politics 6
ARTS2849 Popular Culture and World Politics 6
ARTS2871 Power and Powerlessness 6
ARTS2874 Culture and Emotion 6
ARTS2909 Gender in South Asia and Southeast Asia 6
ARTS3015 Media and Arts Internship 6
ARTS3025 The Art of Nonfiction 6
ARTS3039 Jane Austen in Context 6
ARTS3047 Adventures in Literary Theory 6
ARTS3064 Issues in Film Styles and Aesthetics 6
ARTS3066 Documentary and Non-Fiction Cinemas 6
ARTS3122 Working in the Performing Arts 6
ARTS3124 Collaborative Performance Making 6
ARTS3217 History of Modern China: Contested Visions 6
ARTS3218 Japanese History: Modern Miracles and Mythologies 6
ARTS3245 Urban Environments 6
ARTS3289 Documentary Film and History 6
ARTS3292 Migrants and Refugees in Australia and the World 6
ARTS3380 Advanced Topics in Social Philosophy 6
ARTS3454 Chinese English Interpreting 6
ARTS3456 Classical Chinese Literature 6
ARTS3480 French 5 6
ARTS3490 Advanced French Conversation 6
ARTS3510 German 5 6
ARTS3571 Spanish 6 6
ARTS3574 Fantasy, Love, and Violence in Spanish and Latin American Cinema 6
ARTS3633 Japanese 8 6
ARTS3643 Learning Japanese through Current Issues 6
ARTS3661 Korean 6 6
ARTS3667 Insights into Korean as a Second Language 6
ARTS3751 Global Development: Theory, Practice and Reflexivity 6
ARTS3780 Contemporary Germany: History, Politics, Society 6
ARTS3810 Politics and International Relations: Theory and Practice 6
ARTS3812 Manias, Panics and Crashes: Global Political Economy in an Era of Crisis 6
ARTS3814 Australian Foreign Policy 6
ARTS3870 Social Perspectives, Critical Questions 6
ARTS3874 Culture and Human Rights 6
ARTS3900 Feminist and Queer Theory: Histories and Debates 6
ARTS4600 Dance Studies Honours 6
ARTS4601 Dance Studies Honours 12
ARTS4602 Dance Studies Honours 18
ARTS4604 English Honours 6
ARTS4605 English Honours 12
ARTS4606 English Honours 18
ARTS4608 Film Studies Honours 6
ARTS4609 Film Studies Honours 12
ARTS4610 Film Studies Honours 18
ARTS4612 Media, Culture and Technology Honours 6
ARTS4613 Media, Culture and Technology Honours 12
ARTS4614 Media, Culture and Technology Honours 18
ARTS4616 Theatre and Performance Studies Honours 6
ARTS4617 Theatre and Performance Studies Honours 12
ARTS4618 Theatre and Performance Studies Honours 18
ARTS4620 Creative Writing Honours 6
ARTS4621 Creative Writing Honours 12
ARTS4622 Creative Writing Honours 18
ARTS4700 Environmental Humanities Honours 6
ARTS4701 Environmental Humanities Honours 12
ARTS4702 Environmental Humanities Honours 18
ARTS4704 History Honours 6
ARTS4705 History Honours 12
ARTS4706 History Honours 18
ARTS4712 Philosophy Honours 6
ARTS4713 Philosophy Honours 12
ARTS4714 Philosophy Honours 18
ARTS4810 Asian Studies Honours 6
ARTS4811 Asian Studies Honours 12
ARTS4812 Asian Studies Honours 18
ARTS4814 Chinese Studies Honours 6
ARTS4815 Chinese Studies Honours 12
ARTS4816 Chinese Studies Honours 18
ARTS4818 French Studies Honours 6
ARTS4819 French Studies Honours 12
ARTS4820 French Studies Honours 18
ARTS4822 Spanish Studies Honours 6
ARTS4823 Spanish Studies Honours 12
ARTS4824 Spanish Studies Honours 18
ARTS4826 Japanese Studies Honours 6
ARTS4827 Japanese Studies Honours 12
ARTS4828 Japanese Studies Honours 18
ARTS4830 Korean Studies Honours 6
ARTS4831 Korean Studies Honours 12
ARTS4832 Korean Studies Honours 18
ARTS4834 Linguistics Honours 6
ARTS4835 Linguistics Honours 12
ARTS4836 Linguistics Honours 18
ARTS4838 German Studies Honours 6
ARTS4839 German Studies Honours 12
ARTS4840 German Studies Honours 18
ARTS4904 European Studies Honours 6
ARTS4905 European Studies Honours 12
ARTS4906 European Studies Honours 18
ARTS4912 International Relations Honours 6
ARTS4913 International Relations Honours 12
ARTS4914 International Relations Honours 18
ARTS4916 Politics Honours 6
ARTS4917 Politics Honours 12
ARTS4918 Politics Honours 18
ARTS4920 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 6
ARTS4921 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 12
ARTS4922 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 18
ARTS4924 Politics and International Relations Honours 6
ARTS4925 Politics and International Relations Honours 12
ARTS4926 Politics and International Relations Honours 18
ARTS4927 Global Development Honours 6
ARTS4928 Global Development Honours 12
ARTS4929 Global Development Honours 18
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