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Campus Sydney
Subject Arts
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ARTS1032 The Literature Laboratory: Writing Beyond Limits 6
ARTS1064 Screen Production I 6
ARTS1121 Performance and Popular Culture 6
ARTS1210 Concepts of Asia 6
ARTS1240 Environment and Society 6
ARTS1271 History of the Present: The World since 1900 6
ARTS1360 Truth and Human Existence: Introduction to Philosophy 6
ARTS1450 Chinese 1 for Non-Background Speakers 6
ARTS1452 Chinese 1 for Background Speakers 6
ARTS1480 French 1 6
ARTS1510 German 1 6
ARTS1571 Spanish 2 6
ARTS1630 Japanese 1 6
ARTS1660 Korean 1 6
ARTS1782 Contemporary Europe in Crisis: Power and Culture 6
ARTS1846 Politics, Peace and Prosperity 6
ARTS2021 Creative Writing Project 6
ARTS2031 Australian Literature 6
ARTS2033 Poetry and Poetics 6
ARTS2062 Australian Cinema 6
ARTS2064 A Case Study of Film Genre 6
ARTS2126 Reviewing the Arts 6
ARTS2244 The Animal: Worker, Wild, Extinct? 6
ARTS2248 Disasters and Society 6
ARTS2282 Rome 6
ARTS2360 Knowledge and Reality 6
ARTS2362 Alienation and Social Critique 6
ARTS2375 Philosophical Logic 6
ARTS2457 China Imagined and Perceived 6
ARTS2481 French 4 6
ARTS2486 The French Speaking World 6
ARTS2511 German 4 6
ARTS2633 A Cultural Survey of Japan: From Gods to Gadgets 6
ARTS2662 Korea at a Glance 6
ARTS2692 Syntax 6
ARTS2693 Psycholinguistics 6
ARTS2698 Intercultural Interaction 6
ARTS2754 Research for Impact in Global Development 6
ARTS2781 Britain, Europe and the World Since 1945: From Empire to Brexit 6
ARTS2815 Politics and Security in the Indo-Pacific 6
ARTS2819 Globalisation and Governance 6
ARTS2845 Sex, Human Rights and Justice 6
ARTS2852 Qualitative Research for Political and Social Problems 6
ARTS2877 Technologies, Culture, Society 6
ARTS2904 Dressed to Kill: Dress and Identity in History 6
ARTS3015 Media and Arts Internship 6
ARTS3023 Fiction Writing 6
ARTS3040 Writing After Empire 6
ARTS3048 Gothic Cultures: Literature and Screen 6
ARTS3062 Cinematic Thinking 6
ARTS3065 Screen Emotions: Affect and Cinema 6
ARTS3123 Solo Performance Making 6
ARTS3132 Arts and Health 6
ARTS3220 Architecture and Urbanism in Asia 6
ARTS3241 Environmental Justice 6
ARTS3270 Reflecting on History and Historians 6
ARTS3290 European Empires, from Conquest to Collapse to the Present Day 6
ARTS3330 Languages Capstone: Translation and Interpreting 6
ARTS3373 Topics in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Language 6
ARTS3377 Advanced Topics in Political Philosophy 6
ARTS3451 Chinese 6 6
ARTS3453 Chinese 8 6
ARTS3463 City and Chinese Culture 6
ARTS3482 French for Thought 6
ARTS3570 Spanish 5 6
ARTS3576 The Making of Modern Spain 6
ARTS3631 Japanese 6 6
ARTS3639 Japan in Popular Culture 6
ARTS3641 Commercial Japanese 6
ARTS3690 Language Universals and Linguistic Typology 6
ARTS3755 Development in Practice: Project Design and Evaluation 6
ARTS3756 Current Debates in Global Development 6
ARTS3810 Politics and International Relations: Theory and Practice 6
ARTS3818 Global Environmental Politics 6
ARTS3820 How to start a revolution: activism, social movements and political change 6
ARTS3821 The Politics of Identity in the 21st Century 6
ARTS3822 The Art of Political Science 6
ARTS3872 Media, Culture and Power 6
ARTS3886 Crisis and the Social 6
ARTS4202 Uses of Theory: Honours (Research) 6
ARTS4249 Advances in the Humanities 6
ARTS4268 Methodologies in the Social Sciences: Questions and Quandaries 6
ARTS4600 Dance Studies Honours 6
ARTS4601 Dance Studies Honours 12
ARTS4602 Dance Studies Honours 18
ARTS4604 English Honours 6
ARTS4605 English Honours 12
ARTS4606 English Honours 18
ARTS4608 Film Studies Honours 6
ARTS4609 Film Studies Honours 12
ARTS4610 Film Studies Honours 18
ARTS4612 Media, Culture and Technology Honours 6
ARTS4613 Media, Culture and Technology Honours 12
ARTS4614 Media, Culture and Technology Honours 18
ARTS4616 Theatre and Performance Studies Honours 6
ARTS4617 Theatre and Performance Studies Honours 12
ARTS4618 Theatre and Performance Studies Honours 18
ARTS4620 Creative Writing Honours 6
ARTS4621 Creative Writing Honours 12
ARTS4622 Creative Writing Honours 18
ARTS4700 Environmental Humanities Honours 6
ARTS4701 Environmental Humanities Honours 12
ARTS4702 Environmental Humanities Honours 18
ARTS4704 History Honours 6
ARTS4705 History Honours 12
ARTS4706 History Honours 18
ARTS4712 Philosophy Honours 6
ARTS4713 Philosophy Honours 12
ARTS4714 Philosophy Honours 18
ARTS4810 Asian Studies Honours 6
ARTS4811 Asian Studies Honours 12
ARTS4812 Asian Studies Honours 18
ARTS4814 Chinese Studies Honours 6
ARTS4815 Chinese Studies Honours 12
ARTS4816 Chinese Studies Honours 18
ARTS4818 French Studies Honours 6
ARTS4819 French Studies Honours 12
ARTS4820 French Studies Honours 18
ARTS4822 Spanish Studies Honours 6
ARTS4823 Spanish Studies Honours 12
ARTS4824 Spanish Studies Honours 18
ARTS4826 Japanese Studies Honours 6
ARTS4827 Japanese Studies Honours 12
ARTS4828 Japanese Studies Honours 18
ARTS4830 Korean Studies Honours 6
ARTS4831 Korean Studies Honours 12
ARTS4832 Korean Studies Honours 18
ARTS4834 Linguistics Honours 6
ARTS4835 Linguistics Honours 12
ARTS4836 Linguistics Honours 18
ARTS4838 German Studies Honours 6
ARTS4839 German Studies Honours 12
ARTS4840 German Studies Honours 18
ARTS4904 European Studies Honours 6
ARTS4905 European Studies Honours 12
ARTS4906 European Studies Honours 18
ARTS4912 International Relations Honours 6
ARTS4913 International Relations Honours 12
ARTS4914 International Relations Honours 18
ARTS4916 Politics Honours 6
ARTS4917 Politics Honours 12
ARTS4918 Politics Honours 18
ARTS4920 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 6
ARTS4921 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 12
ARTS4922 Sociology and Anthropology Honours 18
ARTS4924 Politics and International Relations Honours 6
ARTS4925 Politics and International Relations Honours 12
ARTS4926 Politics and International Relations Honours 18
ARTS4927 Global Development Honours 6
ARTS4928 Global Development Honours 12
ARTS4929 Global Development Honours 18
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