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Campus Sydney
Subject Juris Doctor
Career Postgraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
JURD7122 Criminal Laws 6
JURD7130 Lawyers, Ethics and Justice 6
JURD7141 Principles of Public Law 6
JURD7150 Principles of Private Law 6
JURD7152 Introducing Law and Justice 6
JURD7155 Legal Research and Writing 0
JURD7160 Administrative Law 6
JURD7175 Contracts 6
JURD7222 Law and Social Theory 6
JURD7223 Legal Theory 6
JURD7236 Theories of Law and Justice 6
JURD7250 Federal Constitutional Law 6
JURD7272 Transitional Module: LRW - Australian Law 0
JURD7284 Legal Experimentalism 6
JURD7285 Equity and Trusts 6
JURD7302 Advanced Criminal Law 6
JURD7303 Kingsford Legal Centre Community Law Clinic (Intensive) 12
JURD7304 Kingsford Legal Centre Community Law Clinic (Non-intensive) 6
JURD7318 Commercial Law 6
JURD7328 Employment Law 6
JURD7333 Law of Banking 6
JURD7336 Theories of Law and Justice 6
JURD7337 Australian Consumer Law 6
JURD7361 Environmental Law 6
JURD7376 Current Issues in Criminal Justice 6
JURD7382 Advanced Administrative Law 6
JURD7383 Australian Journal of Human Rights 6
JURD7399 Funds Management, Superannuation and Insurance 6
JURD7404 International Children's Rights Law 6
JURD7412 Discrimination and the Law 6
JURD7413 Housing Law 6
JURD7417 The Politics of Human Rights: Theory and Critique 6
JURD7421 Media Law: General Principles 6
JURD7431 Legal Theory 6
JURD7434 Research Thesis: Extended 6
JURD7435 Conveyancing 6
JURD7441 Law Journal (Issue Editor) 6
JURD7448 Intellectual Property 2: Trade Marks and Patents 6
JURD7467 International Criminal Law 6
JURD7475 Gender, Race and Justice 6
JURD7476 Sir Anthony Mason Research Project in Constitutional Law 6
JURD7479 International Investment Law 6
JURD7481 Public International Law 6
JURD7482 Conflict of Laws 6
JURD7484 International Trade Law: The Law and Policy of the WTO 6
JURD7485 Public Interest Litigation: Origins and Strategies 6
JURD7486 International Law Competitive Moot 6
JURD7516 Sport and the Law 6
JURD7520 International Financial Law 6
JURD7522 Competition Law 6
JURD7527 Drug Law and Policy 6
JURD7539 Law and Society in Asia 6
JURD7540 Kingsford Legal Centre Family Law Community Education Clinic (Non-intensive) 6
JURD7555 UNSW Law Internships 6
JURD7564 UNSW Law Journal (Executive Editor) 6
JURD7565 UNSW Law Journal Editor 6
JURD7581 Advanced Statutory Interpretation 6
JURD7586 Law of the Sea 6
JURD7591 Comparative Constitutional Law 6
JURD7603 Global Issues in Competition Law and Policy 6
JURD7617 Intellectual Property Law 6
JURD7623 Commercial and Charitable Trusts 6
JURD7632 Law and Social Theory 6
JURD7639 Law and the Culture Industries 6
JURD7756 Transforming Environmental Law: Exploring Legal Rights of Nature 6
JURD7777 Law Internships: Extended 6
JURD7782 Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes 6
JURD7784 Legal Experimentalism 6
JURD7819 Police Powers Clinic 6
JURD7823 Research Thesis: 6 Units of Credit 6
JURD7891 International Criminal Law 6
JURD7942 The Will of the People 6
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