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Subject Area Management

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
AGSM6131 Leadership 6
AGSM6143 Strategy 6
AGSM6210 Accounting and Financial Management 6
AGSM6234 Data Analytics and Decision-making 6
AGSM6251 Marketing Management 6
AGSM6275 Managing People and Organisations 6
AGSM6321 Corporate Finance 6
AGSM9101 Project Management 6
AGSM9122 Economics in Management Practice 6
AGSM9132 Corporate Innovation 6
AGSM9137 Advanced Finance 6
AGSM9138 Financial Analysis 6
AGSM9140 Global Finance 6
AGSM9141 Mergers and Acquisitions 6
AGSM9150 Digital Innovation 6
AGSM9152 Digital Strategy 6
AGSM9153 Implementing Strategy 6
AGSM9154 Managing with Digital Technology 6
AGSM9155 Strategic Consulting Project 6
AGSM9156 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6
AGSM9159 GNAM Global Network Week 6
AGSM9161 Sustainable and Inclusive Business 6
AGSM9162 Decarbonisation and Transition to Clean Energy 6
AGSM9164 Sustainable Business Models and Value Chains 6
AGSM9271 Approaches to Change 6
AGSM9272 Change Skills 6
AGSM9274 Systems for Change 6
AGSM9583 International Business Experience 6
AGSM9712 Negotiation Skills 6
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