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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Engineering Accelerated

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZZEN9021 Principles of Programming 6
ZZEN9201 Foundations of Cyber Security 6
ZZEN9203 Principles of Security Engineering 6
ZZEN9209 Security Engineering Capstone Project 6
ZZEN9212 Advanced Penetration Testing 6
ZZEN9213 Penetration Testing 6
ZZEN9214 Cloud Security 6
ZZEN9215 Reverse Engineering 6
ZZEN9216 Fundamentals of Coding: C and Assembler 6
ZZEN9217 Operating System Fundamentals for Security 6
ZZEN9311 Database Systems 6
ZZEN9313 Big Data Management 6
ZZEN9444 Neural Networks, Deep Learning 6
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