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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Art History

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SAHT9110 Australian Arts Ecology 6
SAHT9112 Art Writing and Publishing 6
SAHT9113 Cultural Heritage, Ethics and the Law 6
SAHT9115 Internship 6
SAHT9116 Research Paper 6
SAHT9117 Contemporary Curating: Theories and Practices 6
SAHT9118 Capstone Project 6
SAHT9122 Audience Engagement 6
SAHT9124 Cultural Management and Policy 6
SAHT9131 Visual and Museum Cultures of the Asia Pacific 6
SAHT9138 Global Contemporary Art 6
SAHT9143 Design History and Theory 1 6
SAHT9201 Conservation, Registration and Handling 6
SAHT9204 Histories of Contemporary Art 6
SAHT9212 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art 6
SAHT9310 Exhibiting Cultures 6
SAHT9311 Curatorial Studio: Social Space 6
SAHT9312 Curatorial Studio: Site and Situation 6
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