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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Practical Legal Training Program

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PLTX1020 Skills in Practice 6
PLTX1040 Values in Practice 6
PLTX1060 Litigation Practice 6
PLTX1080 Transactional Practice 6
PLTX1120 Administrative Law Practice 3
PLTX1150 Banking and Finance 3
PLTX1180 Criminal Law Practice 3
PLTX1210 Family Law Practice 3
PLTX1230 Consumer Law Practice 3
PLTX1240 Employment and Industrial Relations Practice 3
PLTX1270 Wills and Estates Practice 3
PLTX1300 Workplace Experience 1 6
PLTX2020 Workplace Experience 2 6
PLTX2040 Practicum 6
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