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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Medicine

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MFAC1501 Foundations 12
MFAC1521 Beginnings, Growth and Development A 12
MFAC1522 Beginnings, Growth and Development B 12
MFAC1524 Health Maintenance B 12
MFAC1525 Ageing and Endings A 12
MFAC1527 Society and Health 12
MFAC1601 Introductory Clinical and Communication Skills 3
MFAC2507 Clinical Transition 6
MFAC2509 Clinical Skills Refresher 0
MFAC2510 Graduate Entry Bridging 12
MFAC2511 Phase 2 Portfolio Examination 0
MFAC2512 Phase 2 Integrated Clinical Assessment 0
MFAC2514 Integrated Clinical Studies 1 16
MFAC2515 Integrated Clinical Studies 2 16
MFAC2516 Integrated Clinical Studies 3 16
MFAC3501 Medicine 10
MFAC3502 Surgery 10
MFAC3503 Psychiatry 10
MFAC3504 Primary Care 10
MFAC3505 Obstetrics and Gynaecology 10
MFAC3506 Children's Health (Paediatrics) 10
MFAC3508 Critical Care 10
MFAC3509 Selective 10
MFAC3512 Phase 3 Biomedical Sciences Viva 0
MFAC3514 Elective 8
MFAC3515 Preparation for Internship (PRINT) 8
MFAC3522 Phase 3 Portfolio Examination 0
MFAC3523 Phase 3 Integrated Clinical Examination 0
MFAC4001 Value-Based Health Care in Clinical Practice 2
MFAC4888 Independent Learning Project 10
MFAC4999 Independent Learning Project (ILP) 8
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