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Campus Sydney
Subject Computer Science
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
COMP1010 The Art of Computing 6
COMP1511 Programming Fundamentals 6
COMP1521 Computer Systems Fundamentals 6
COMP1531 Software Engineering Fundamentals 6
COMP2511 Object-Oriented Design and Programming 6
COMP2521 Data Structures and Algorithms 6
COMP3121 Algorithms and Programming Techniques 6
COMP3161 Concepts of Programming Languages 6
COMP3222 Digital Circuits and Systems 6
COMP3311 Database Systems 6
COMP3331 Computer Networks and Applications 6
COMP3421 Computer Graphics 6
COMP3431 Robotic Software Architecture 6
COMP3601 Design Project A 6
COMP3900 Computer Science Project 6
COMP3901 Special Project A 6
COMP3902 Special Project B 12
COMP4121 Advanced Algorithms 6
COMP4128 Programming Challenges 6
COMP4161 Advanced Topics in Software Verification 6
COMP4336 Mobile Data Networking 6
COMP4418 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 6
COMP4431 Game Design Workshop 6
COMP4511 User Interface Design and Construction 6
COMP4920 Professional Issues and Ethics in Information Technology 6
COMP4951 Research Thesis A 4
COMP4952 Research Thesis B 4
COMP4953 Research Thesis C 4
COMP4961 Computer Science Thesis A 6
COMP4962 Computer Science Thesis B 6
COMP4963 Computer Science Thesis C 6
COMP6080 Web Front-End Programming 6
COMP6441 Security Engineering and Cyber Security 6
COMP6447 System and Software Security Assessment 6
COMP6448 Security Engineering Masterclass 6
COMP6714 Information Retrieval and Web Search 6
COMP6841 Extended Security Engineering and Cyber Security 6
COMP6991 Solving Modern Programming Problems with Rust 6
COMP9242 Advanced Operating Systems 6
COMP9301 Cyber Security Project 6
COMP9302 Cyber Security Project B 12
COMP9313 Big Data Management 6
COMP9418 Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning 6
COMP9444 Neural Networks and Deep Learning 6
COMP9447 Security Engineering Workshop 6
COMP9517 Computer Vision 6
COMP9727 Recommender Systems 6
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