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Campus Sydney
Subject College Diploma - STEM
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period UNSW College Diploma 1

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
DPST1013 Mathematics 1A 6
DPST1014 Mathematics 1B 6
DPST1021 Physics 1A 6
DPST1022 Physics 1B 6
DPST1023 Higher Physics 1A 6
DPST1024 Higher Physics 1B 6
DPST1031 Chemistry A: Atoms, Molecules, and Energy 6
DPST1032 Chemistry B: Elements, Compounds and Life 6
DPST1051 Molecules, Cells and Genes 6
DPST1052 Applied Biomolecular Sciences 6
DPST1061 Design in Application of Materials in Science and Engineering 6
DPST1072 Engineering Mechanics 1 6
DPST1081 Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering 6
DPST1091 Introduction to Programming 6
DPST1092 Computer Systems Fundamentals 6
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