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Campus Sydney
Subject Civil and Environmental Engineering
Career Postgraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period One

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
CVEN3303 Steel Structures 6
CVEN3701 Environmental Frameworks, Law and Economics 6
CVEN4102 Operations and Projects 6
CVEN4201 Rock and Slope Engineering 6
CVEN4404 Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering 6
CVEN4503 Groundwater Resource Investigation 6
CVEN4800 Satellite Remote Sensing and Applications 6
CVEN9000 Civil Engineering Design Practice 6
CVEN9421 Transport Logistics Engineering 6
CVEN9422 Traffic Management and Control 6
CVEN9451 Masters Project A 4
CVEN9452 Masters Project B 4
CVEN9453 Masters Project C 4
CVEN9511 Geotechnical Models and Site Investigation 6
CVEN9512 Geomechanics 6
CVEN9525 Fundamentals of Geomechanics 6
CVEN9625 Fundamentals of Water Engineering 6
CVEN9640 Coastal Engineering 6
CVEN9701 Engineering Economics and Financial Management 6
CVEN9742 Professional Civil Engineering 6
CVEN9802 Structural Stability 6
CVEN9809 Reinforced Concrete Design 6
CVEN9820 Computational Structural Mechanics 6
CVEN9857 Wastewater Treatment 6
CVEN9892 Sustainability Assessment and Risk Analysis 6
CVEN9898 Fundamentals of Sustainable Infrastructure 6
CVEN9901 Special Topic in Civil and Environmental Engineering 6
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