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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Environmental Studies

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
IEST5001 Frameworks of Environmental Relations & Leadership 6
IEST5003 Addressing Environmental Issues: Pathways to Change-Making 6
IEST5005 Environmental Communication: Culture and Transformation 6
IEST5006 Rethinking Environment: Sociocultural Theory 6
IEST5007 Political Ecology: Sustainable Development & Justice 6
IEST5008 Large-scale Conservation in Practice 6
IEST5021 Corporations, Capitalism, & Transforming Environments 6
IEST5022 Environmental Policy and Participation 6
IEST6001 Restorative Ecologies: Permaculture Principles & Practice 6
IEST6911 Climate Crisis and Action 6
IEST6912 Living Cities: Promises & Risks of Urban Environments 6
IEST7001 Engaging Science for Environmental Leadership 6
IEST7200 Demystifying Environmental Law: From Regulation to Rights of Nature 6
IEST7500 Environmental Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities 6
IEST7600 Indigenous Knowledge Partnerships in Conservation & Caring for Country 6
IEST8001 Environmental Leadership Practicum I: Project or Internship 6
IEST8003 Environmental Leadership Practicum II: Project or Internship 6
IEST8023 Research Project/Thesis in Environmental Leadership 12
IEST8025 Major Research Project/Thesis in Environmental Leadership 18
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