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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Industrial Design

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
IDES1311 Industrial Design Studio 1A: Product Design Fundamentals 6
IDES1312 Industrial Design Studio 1B: Materials, Form and Meaning 6
IDES1314 Industrial Design Communications A: Analogue Visualisation 6
IDES1315 Industrial Design Communications B: Digital Visualisation 6
IDES1316 Materials and Manufacturing for Industrial Designers 1 6
IDES2321 Industrial Design Studio 2A: Production at Scale 6
IDES2322 Industrial Design Studio 2B: User-Centred Design 6
IDES2323 Industrial Design Studio 2C: Sustainable Futures 6
IDES2325 Industrial Design Theory A: Human Factors in Product Design 6
IDES2326 Materials and Manufacturing for Industrial Designers 2 6
IDES3331 Industrial Design Studio 3A: Integrated Product Design 6
IDES3333 Industrial Design Theory B: Product Design Research Methods 6
IDES3334 Industrial Design Theory C: Speculative Product Design 6
IDES4100 Capstone Research 12
IDES4111 Advanced Studio 6
IDES4113 Industrial Design Capstone Project A 12
IDES4114 Industrial Design Capstone Project B 12
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