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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Economics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ECON1101 Microeconomics 1 6
ECON1102 Macroeconomics 1 6
ECON1107 Elements of Environmental Economics 6
ECON1202 Quantitative Analysis for Business and Economics 6
ECON1203 Business and Economic Statistics 6
ECON1401 Economic Perspectives 6
ECON2101 Microeconomics 2 6
ECON2102 Macroeconomics 2 6
ECON2103 Business and Government 6
ECON2107 Modern Labour Markets: Theory and Policy 6
ECON2111 Introduction to Economic Development 6
ECON2112 Game Theory and Business Strategy 6
ECON2126 Principles of Experimental and Behavioural Economics 6
ECON2206 Introductory Econometrics 6
ECON2209 Business Forecasting 6
ECON2403 Empirical Methods 6
ECON3000 Evidence-based Intervention Design and Evaluation 6
ECON3101 Markets and Frictions 6
ECON3104 International Macroeconomics 6
ECON3106 Politics and Economics 6
ECON3107 Economics of Finance 6
ECON3110 Development Economics 6
ECON3116 International Trade Theory and Policy 6
ECON3121 Industrial Organisation 6
ECON3123 Organisational Economics 6
ECON3124 Behavioural Economics 6
ECON3127 Environmental Economics 6
ECON3202 Mathematical Economics 6
ECON3203 Econometric Theory and Methods 6
ECON3206 Financial Econometrics 6
ECON3208 Applied Econometric Methods 6
ECON3209 Statistics for Econometrics 6
ECON3210 Big Data Econometrics 6
ECON4100 Advanced Microeconomic Analysis 6
ECON4103 Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis 6
ECON4106 Policy Evaluation Methods 6
ECON4150 Thesis (Business Economics) A 6
ECON4151 Thesis (Business Economics) B 6
ECON4152 Thesis (Business Economics) C 12
ECON4160 Thesis (Economics) A 6
ECON4161 Thesis (Economics) B 6
ECON4162 Thesis (Economics) C 12
ECON4170 Thesis (Econometrics) A 6
ECON4171 Thesis (Econometrics) B 6
ECON4172 Thesis (Econometrics) C 12
ECON4201 Macroeconometrics 6
ECON4205 Microeconometrics 6
ECON4208 Applied Econometric Methods 6
ECON4301 Industrial Organisation 6
ECON4309 Economic Measurement 6
ECON4350 Special Topics in Economics 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Economics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ECON5101 Microeconomics 6
ECON5102 Macroeconomics 6
ECON5103 Business Economics 6
ECON5106 Economics of Finance 6
ECON5111 Economics of Strategy 6
ECON5205 Econometrics 6
ECON5206 Financial Econometrics 6
ECON5210 Reflections on Practicum through the Economist's Lens 6
ECON5248 Business Forecasting 6
ECON5258 Introductory Economics and Data Analysis for Business Professionals 6
ECON5301 Markets and Frictions 6
ECON5304 International Macroeconomics 6
ECON5306 Politics and Economics 6
ECON5310 Development Economics 6
ECON5316 International Trade Theory and Policy 6
ECON5321 Industrial Organisation 6
ECON5323 Organisational Economics 6
ECON5324 Behavioural Economics 6
ECON5327 Environmental Economics 6
ECON5403 Econometric Theory and Methods 6
ECON5408 Applied Econometric Methods 6
ECON6202 Policy Evaluation Methods 6
ECON6309 Economic Measurement 6
ECON6312 Policy Applications of Behavioural Economics 6
ECON6313 Public Economics and Regulation 6
ECON6350 Special Topics in Economics 6
ECON7001 Microeconomic Theory I 6
ECON7002 Macroeconomic Theory I 6
ECON7004 Mathematical Economics 6
ECON7101 Microeconomic Theory II 6
ECON7102 Macroeconomic Theory II 6
ECON7202 Policy Evaluation Methods 6
ECON7204 Macroeconometrics 6
ECON7205 Microeconometrics 6
ECON7301 Industrial Organisation 6
ECON7309 Economic Measurement 6
ECON7350 Special Topics in Economics 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Economics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ECON5000 Research Economics Full-Time 12
ECON5001 Research Economics Part-Time 6
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