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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Domain Design

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
DDES1020 Ceramic Design: Wheel Throwing 6
DDES1021 Jewellery Design for Fashion 6
DDES1022 Object as Architecture: Jewellery and Metal Design 6
DDES1023 Object as Activist: Furniture and Lighting Design 6
DDES1024 Jewellery: Contextual Issues through Bodyworks 6
DDES1031 Small Spaces: Representing Imagination and Experience in Model-Making 6
DDES1032 Crisis Spaces: Interventions and Activations 6
DDES1033 Playful Spaces: Soft Structures 6
DDES1040 Graphics and Print/Making 6
DDES1041 Illustration and Rendering 6
DDES1042 Data Visualisation and Wayfinding 6
DDES1043 Publication Design 6
DDES1044 Drawing for Design 6
DDES1060 Textiles for Fashion 6
DDES1061 Commercial Textile Design 6
DDES1062 Smart Textiles 6
DDES1071 Sustainability and Design 6
DDES1101 Design Communication and Context 6
DDES1110 3D Visualisation 1: 3D Virtual Objects 6
DDES1120 Object 1: Objects and the Hand 6
DDES1130 Experience 1: Spaces and Senses 6
DDES1140 Graphics 1: Image and Type 6
DDES1150 Interaction 1: Principles and Practices 6
DDES1160 Textiles 1: Concepts and Context 6
DDES1200 Design History and Theory 1 6
DDES1201 Design History and Theory 2 6
DDES2100 Design and Industry 6
DDES2102 Design Professional Practice 6
DDES2110 3D Visualisation 2: Virtual Worlds 6
DDES2111 3D Visualisation 3: Interactive Environments 6
DDES2120 Object 2: Objects and Place 6
DDES2121 Object 3: Objects and the World 6
DDES2130 Experience 2: Spaces of Exhibition 6
DDES2131 Experience 3: Spaces for Performance 6
DDES2140 Graphics 2: Identity and Form 6
DDES2141 Graphics 3: Place and Space 6
DDES2150 Interaction 2: Design Methodologies 6
DDES2151 Interaction 3: Emerging Applications 6
DDES2160 Textiles 2: Experimental Textiles 6
DDES2161 Textiles 3: Future Textiles 6
DDES2200 Design History and Theory 3 6
DDES3100 Design Project Research 6
DDES3200 Design History and Theory 4 6
DDES4101 Design Honours Studio Research Project 1 12
DDES4102 Design Honours Studio Research Project 2 12
DDES4200 Design Research Methods and Theory 6
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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Domain Design

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
DDES9901 Designing and Experiencing Immersion 6
DDES9902 Human Dimensions in Immersive Environments 6
DDES9903 Narrative and Sensemaking in Immersive Environments 6
DDES9904 Models, Systems and Solution Design 6
DDES9905 Immersive Design, Complexity and Wicked Problems 6
DDES9911 Future Immersive Learning Methodologies 6
DDES9914 Managing Immersive Projects 6
DDES9920 Information Architecture for Immersive Aesthetics 6
DDES9991 Visualisation, Simulation, and Immersive Design Capstone 12
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