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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Aviation

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
AVIA1111 Basic Aeronautical Knowledge 12
AVIA1321 Fundamentals of Aviation 6
AVIA1401 Introduction to Human Factors 6
AVIA1901 Aviation Transport Economics 6
AVIA1902 Airline Financial Analysis and Decision Support 6
AVIA2025 Introduction to Airborne Drone Management 6
AVIA2111 Commercial Navigation 6
AVIA2112 Commercial Meteorology 6
AVIA2113 Commercial Human Factors, Flight Rules and Air Law 6
AVIA2114 Commercial Aircraft General Knowledge 6
AVIA2115 Commercial Aerodynamics 6
AVIA2116 Commercial Operation, Performance and Planning 6
AVIA2117 Instrument Rating 6
AVIA2401 Aviation Law and Regulations 6
AVIA2501 Airline Marketing Strategies 6
AVIA2601 Aviation Operations Research 6
AVIA2701 Aviation Security and Airport Management 6
AVIA2801 Regional and General Aviation 6
AVIA2910 Air Transport: Economics and the Environment 6
AVIA3013 Workplace Safety 6
AVIA3101 Airline Management 6
AVIA3111 Air Transport Flight Planning 6
AVIA3112 Air Transport Aerodynamics and Aircraft Systems 6
AVIA3113 Air Transport Performance and Navigation 6
AVIA3114 Air Transport Air Law, Meteorology and Human Factors 6
AVIA3199 Aviation Work Placement 1 6
AVIA3201 Airline Resource Management 6
AVIA3299 Aviation Work Placement 2 6
AVIA3301 Simulation Application and Air Traffic Management 6
AVIA3401 Aviation Safety and Resource Management 6
AVIA3410 Advanced Law and Regulation in Aviation 6
AVIA3710 Aviation Research Methods 6
AVIA3851 Airport Management 2 6
AVIA3900 Sustainable aviation and tourism 6
AVIA3910 Environmental Performance Evaluation of Aviation: Theories and Techniques 6
AVIA4003 Aviation Honours - Full Time 16
AVIA4004 Aviation Honours - Part Time 8
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Aviation

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
AVIA5001 Law and Regulations in Aviation 6
AVIA5003 Aviation and Security 6
AVIA5004 Aviation Safety and Accident Prevention 6
AVIA5005 Airline Operational Management 6
AVIA5006 Airport Planning 6
AVIA5007 Airport Operations Management 6
AVIA5008 Air Traffic Management 6
AVIA5009 Airline Corporate Management 6
AVIA5015 Safety Management Systems 6
AVIA5018 Aviation Human Factors 6
AVIA5020 Aviation Research Project 6
AVIA5022 Aircraft Accident Investigation Techniques 6
AVIA5024 Flight Deck Operations for Advanced Transport-Aircraft 6
AVIA5032 Quantitative Analysis in Aviation Economics 6
AVIA5035 Airport Economics, Management and Policy 6
AVIA5037 Airline Operations and Delay Management 6
AVIA5039 Airworthiness for Transport Category Aircraft 6
AVIA5040 Safety Risk Management 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Aviation

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
AVIA9000 Full-Time Research Thesis 12
AVIA9050 Part-Time Research Thesis 6
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