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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Physical, Environmental & Mathematical Sciences
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two - ADFA

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZPEM1102 Chemistry 1B 6
ZPEM1202 Geography 1B 6
ZPEM1302 Mathematics 1B 6
ZPEM1304 Engineering Mathematics 1B 6
ZPEM1502 Physics 1B: Electromagnetism and Modern Physics 6
ZPEM1504 Engineering Physics 1B 6
ZPEM1508 Nuclear Science and Applications 6
ZPEM1901 Contemporary Issues in Science 6
ZPEM2113 Inorganic Chemistry and Spectroscopy 6
ZPEM2114 Biological Chemistry 6
ZPEM2213 The Art and Science of Doing Geography 6
ZPEM2310 Engineering Mathematics 2B 6
ZPEM2311 Mathematical Modelling 6
ZPEM2313 Discrete Mathematics with Applications 6
ZPEM2502 Physics 2B: Electrons, Photons and Matter 6
ZPEM2509 Astrophysics 6
ZPEM2901 Research Project 1 6
ZPEM3121 Supramolecular Chemistry 6
ZPEM3204 Environmental Hazards 6
ZPEM3208 Geographic Research Methods 6
ZPEM3306 Waves and Fluids 6
ZPEM3404 Ocean Waves and Modelling 6
ZPEM3528 Nuclear Physics 6
ZPEM3532 Advanced Topics in Physics and Oceanography 6
ZPEM3901 Research Project 2 6
ZPEM3902 Research Project 3 6
ZPEM4001 Science Honours Research 1 12
ZPEM4002 Science Honours Research 2 24
ZPEM4003 Science Honours Research 3 18
ZPEM4004 Science Honours Research 4 6
ZPEM4101 Chemistry Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZPEM4102 Chemistry Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZPEM4201 Geography Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZPEM4202 Geography Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZPEM4205 Human Geography Honours Special Topic 9
ZPEM4301 Mathematics and Statistics Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZPEM4302 Mathematics and Statistics Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZPEM4401 Oceanography Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZPEM4402 Oceanography Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZPEM4501 Physics Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZPEM4502 Physics Honours Special Topic 2 6
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