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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Engineering & Information Technology

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZEIT1102 Introduction to Programming 6
ZEIT1110 Computer Games 6
ZEIT1206 Design of Electronic Circuits 1 6
ZEIT1208 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 6
ZEIT1501 Engineering Practice and Design 6
ZEIT1503 Engineering Mechanics 6
ZEIT1504 Introduction to Mechanical, Aeronautical and Naval Architecture Engineering 6
ZEIT1600 Introduction to Civil Engineering 6
ZEIT1800 Introduction to Aviation Technology 6
ZEIT2102 Computer Technology 6
ZEIT2103 Data Structures and Representation 6
ZEIT2104 Computers and Security 6
ZEIT2105 Systems Analysis and Design 6
ZEIT2106 Digital Forensics 6
ZEIT2190 Computing and Cyber Security Research 2 6
ZEIT2207 Design of Electronic Circuits 2 6
ZEIT2208 Programmable Digital Systems 6
ZEIT2209 Principles of Electrical Engineering 6
ZEIT2500 Thermofluids 6
ZEIT2501 Mechanical and Electronic Design 6
ZEIT2502 Fundamentals of Flight 6
ZEIT2503 Fluid Mechanics 6
ZEIT2504 Mechanics of Solids 6
ZEIT2601 Soil Mechanics and Engineering Geology 6
ZEIT2602 Hydraulic Engineering 6
ZEIT2603 Civil Engineering Materials 6
ZEIT2700 Mechanics of Machines 6
ZEIT2802 Aircraft Systems for Aviators 6
ZEIT2803 Aviation Safety 6
ZEIT2901 Engineering Research 2A 6
ZEIT2902 Engineering Research 2B 6
ZEIT3101 IT Project 2 6
ZEIT3102 Cryptography 6
ZEIT3111 Special Topic 6
ZEIT3112 Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT3113 Computer Languages and Algorithms 6
ZEIT3118 IT Project 1 6
ZEIT3119 Web Development and Security 6
ZEIT3120 Programming for Security 6
ZEIT3121 Securing Networks 6
ZEIT3190 Computing and Cyber Security Research 3A 6
ZEIT3191 Computing and Cyber Security Research 3B 6
ZEIT3215 Signals and Systems 6
ZEIT3216 Design of Electronic Circuits 3 6
ZEIT3218 Communications Techniques 6
ZEIT3220 Engineering Electromagnetics 6
ZEIT3221 Digital Signal Processing and Control 6
ZEIT3222 Control Engineering 6
ZEIT3404 Simulation 6
ZEIT3500 Engineering Structures 6
ZEIT3501 Engineering Materials 6
ZEIT3502 Vibration and Control Engineering 6
ZEIT3503 Aerodynamics 6
ZEIT3504 Aircraft and Systems Design 1 6
ZEIT3505 Flight Dynamics and Aircraft Control 6
ZEIT3506 Managing the Development of Engineered Systems 6
ZEIT3600 Structural Analysis 6
ZEIT3601 Environmental Engineering 6
ZEIT3602 Geotechnical Design 6
ZEIT3603 Design of Steel and Timber Structures 6
ZEIT3605 Design of Concrete and Pre stressed Concrete Structures 6
ZEIT3606 Foundation and Pavement Engineering 6
ZEIT3607 Transport Planning and Engineering 6
ZEIT3700 Mechanical Design 1 6
ZEIT3701 Heat Transfer and Refrigeration 6
ZEIT3750 Naval Architecture Practice, Hydrostatics and Stability 6
ZEIT3751 Hydrodynamics of Ships and High Speed Craft 6
ZEIT3752 Ship Structures 6
ZEIT3753 Design of Ships and High Speed Craft 6
ZEIT3801 Advanced Aviation Safety 6
ZEIT3802 BTech Project and Practical Experience 6
ZEIT3803 Air Traffic Management 6
ZEIT3804 Behavioural Science Project and Practical Experience 6
ZEIT3805 Airport Operations and Systems 6
ZEIT3901 Engineering Research 3A 6
ZEIT3902 Engineering Research 3B 6
ZEIT4003 Computational Fluid Dynamics 6
ZEIT4006 Structural Integrity Assessment 6
ZEIT4007 Rotorcraft Engineering 6
ZEIT4008 Integrated Mechanical Design 6
ZEIT4013 Hypersonics and Advanced Propulsion 6
ZEIT4014 Impact Dynamics 6
ZEIT4101 Computer Science Honours Special Topic 1 12
ZEIT4102 Computer Science Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT4103 Computer Science Honours Special Topic 3 24
ZEIT4104 Computer Science Honours Special Topic 4 6
ZEIT4115 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Research 1 12
ZEIT4116 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Research 2 12
ZEIT4117 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZEIT4118 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT4119 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Special Topic 3 6
ZEIT4120 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Special Topic 4 6
ZEIT4150 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 6
ZEIT4151 Machine Learning 6
ZEIT4218 Occasional Option 4 6
ZEIT4224 Electrical Power, Machines and Power Electronics 6
ZEIT4225 Satellite Communications 6
ZEIT4226 Digital Image Processing and Target Detection 6
ZEIT4227 Radar Techniques and Applications 6
ZEIT4230 Electrical Engineering Design Practice 6
ZEIT4297 Electrical Engineering Project Extension 6
ZEIT4500 Engineering Project A 6
ZEIT4501 Engineering Project B 6
ZEIT4502 Aircraft and Systems Design 2 6
ZEIT4503 Applied Thermodynamics and Propulsion 6
ZEIT4504 Electrical and Mechanical Plant 6
ZEIT4506 Orbital Mechanics 6
ZEIT4507 Space Situational Awareness 6
ZEIT4600 Civil Design Practice 6
ZEIT4601 Civil Design Practice Extension 6
ZEIT4603 Finite Element Method 6
ZEIT4604 Hydrology and Environmental Engineering Practice 6
ZEIT4700 Mechanical Design 2 6
ZEIT4702 Microcontroller-based Instrumentation 6
ZEIT4703 Land Mobility and Weapons 6
ZEIT4801 Aviation Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZEIT4802 Aviation Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT4901 Engineering Research 4A 12
ZEIT4902 Engineering Research 4B 12
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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Engineering & Information Technology

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZEIT8001 Special Elective 1: Project Management 6
ZEIT8007 Space Operations 6
ZEIT8008 Space Systems Design 6
ZEIT8009 Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) 6
ZEIT8010 Marine Technology 6
ZEIT8011 Space Systems Technology 6
ZEIT8012 Space Systems Engineering Management 6
ZEIT8016 Capability Development 6
ZEIT8017 Cyber Crime and Cyber Security 6
ZEIT8018 Cyber Resilience: Management Governance and Acquisition 6
ZEIT8019 Intrusion Analysis and Response 6
ZEIT8020 Cyber Offence: Threats and Opportunities 6
ZEIT8021 Information Assurance and Security 6
ZEIT8023 Wireless, Mobile and Internet of Things Security 6
ZEIT8024 Software Security Lifecycle 6
ZEIT8025 Reverse Engineering 6
ZEIT8026 Cyber Defence: Network Security Operations 6
ZEIT8027 Critical Infrastructure and Control System Security 6
ZEIT8028 Digital Forensics 6
ZEIT8029 Network and Memory Forensics 6
ZEIT8030 Big Data and Decision Analytics for Security 6
ZEIT8031 Reliability Engineering Fundamentals 6
ZEIT8032 Information Assurance Principles 6
ZEIT8034 Advanced Test and Evaluation Techniques 6
ZEIT8035 Cyber Terrorism 6
ZEIT8037 Cyber Security Risk Management 6
ZEIT8039 Reliability Engineering Assurance 6
ZEIT8042 Introduction to Exploit Development 6
ZEIT8043 Cyber and the Law 6
ZEIT8115 Information Operations 6
ZEIT8119 Internetworking 6
ZEIT8136 Software Project Management 6
ZEIT8152 Reliability Program Management 6
ZEIT8198 Project - Information Technology (Part-Time) 6
ZEIT8205 Fundamentals of Surveillance Technologies 6
ZEIT8213 Communications and Information Systems 6
ZEIT8219 Satellite Communications 6
ZEIT8221 Spaceborne Imaging Technology 6
ZEIT8226 Systems Engineering Practice 6
ZEIT8229 Non-Communications Electronic Warfare 6
ZEIT8230 Requirements Practice 6
ZEIT8231 Test and Evaluation 6
ZEIT8233 Explosive Ordnance Technology 6
ZEIT8236 System Safety Engineering 6
ZEIT8239 Systems Engineering Project 3
ZEIT8241 Requirements Practice Project 3
ZEIT8243 Satellite Communications Project 3
ZEIT8245 Systems Thinking and Modelling Project 3
ZEIT8247 Test and Evaluation Project 3
ZEIT8261 Project Report - Cyber Security (Full Time) 12
ZEIT8270 Project Report - Decision Analytics Part-Time 6
ZEIT8271 Project Report - Decision Analytics Full-Time 12
ZEIT8280 Project - Project Management F/T 12
ZEIT8281 Project - Project Management P/T 6
ZEIT8296 Project Report - Systems Engineering Part Time 6
ZEIT8297 Project Report - Systems Engineering Full Time 12
ZEIT8298 Project Report - Engineering Science Part-Time 6
ZEIT8302 Project Administration 6
ZEIT8303 Project Management Body of Knowledge 6
ZEIT8305 Systems Thinking and Modelling 6
ZEIT8307 System Dynamics Modelling 6
ZEIT8310 Project Schedule and Budget Control 6
ZEIT8402 Evidence-based Decision Making 6
ZEIT8403 Capability Option Analysis 6
ZEIT8404 Decision Making Analytics 6
ZEIT8412 Simulation 6
ZEIT8413 Simulation Applications 6
ZEIT8416 Research Practices for Operations Analysis 6
ZEIT8503 Aerospace Vehicle Technologies 6
ZEIT8506 Weapons Engineering 6
ZEIT8704 Vehicles and Mobility 6
ZEIT8900 Professional Practice 6
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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Engineering & Information Technology

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZEIT8998 Professional Doctorate Dissertation (Full-Time) 12
ZEIT8999 Professional Doctorate Dissertation (Part-Time) 6
ZEIT9300 Project Management Research Full-Time 12
ZEIT9301 Project Management Research Part-Time 6
ZEIT9400 Cyber Security Research (Full-time) 12
ZEIT9401 Cyber Security Research (Part-Time) 6
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