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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Finance

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
FINS1612 Capital Markets and Institutions 6
FINS1613 Business Finance 6
FINS2101 Industry Placement 1 12
FINS2622 Asia-Pacific Capital Markets 6
FINS2624 Portfolio Management 6
FINS2643 Wealth Management 6
FINS3202 Industry Placement 2 6
FINS3303 Industry Placement 3 6
FINS3616 International Business Finance 6
FINS3623 Venture Capital 6
FINS3625 Applied Corporate Finance 6
FINS3626 International Corporate Governance 6
FINS3630 Bank Financial Management 6
FINS3631 Risk and Insurance 6
FINS3633 Real Estate Finance 6
FINS3635 Options, Futures and Risk Management 6
FINS3636 Interest Rate Risk Management 6
FINS3637 Wealth Management Advice 6
FINS3639 Estate Planning and Asset Protection 6
FINS3640 Investment Management Modeling 6
FINS3641 Security Analysis and Valuation 6
FINS3644 Sustainable and Responsible Investing 6
FINS3645 Financial Market Data Design and Analysis 6
FINS3646 Toolkit for Finance 6
FINS3647 Bitcoin and Decentralised Finance 6
FINS3648 Banking, Finance and Technology 6
FINS3650 International Banking 6
FINS3655 Behavioural Finance 6
FINS3666 Trading and Market Making 6
FINS3775 Research Methods in Finance 1 6
FINS4776 Asset Pricing Theory 6
FINS4777 Empirical Corporate Finance 6
FINS4779 Research Methods in Finance 2 6
FINS4781 Continuous-Time Finance 6
FINS4792 Microstructure of Markets 6
FINS4796 Thesis (Finance) A 6
FINS4797 Thesis (Finance) B 6
FINS4799 Thesis (Finance) C 12
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Finance

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
FINS5510 Personal Financial Planning and Management 6
FINS5511 Corporate Finance 6
FINS5512 Financial Markets and Institutions 6
FINS5513 Investments and Portfolio Selection 6
FINS5514 Capital Budgeting and Financial Decisions 6
FINS5516 International Corporate Finance 6
FINS5517 Applied Portfolio Management and Modelling 6
FINS5523 Alternative Asset Classes 6
FINS5526 International Corporate Governance: Accounting and Finance Perspectives 6
FINS5530 Financial Institution Management 6
FINS5531 Risk and Insurance 6
FINS5533 Real Estate Finance and Investment 6
FINS5535 Derivatives and Risk Management Techniques 6
FINS5536 Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives 6
FINS5537 Financial Planning Advice and Ethics 6
FINS5538 Takeovers, Restructuring and Corporate Governance 6
FINS5539 Estate Planning, Succession and Asset Protection 6
FINS5541 Advanced Investment and Advanced Funds Management 6
FINS5542 Applied Funds Management 6
FINS5543 Aged Care Planning 6
FINS5544 Socially Responsible Investing 6
FINS5545 Financial Market Data Literacy 6
FINS5546 Toolkit for Financial Market Decisions 6
FINS5547 Cryptocurrency and Decentralised Finance 6
FINS5548 Financial Technology 6
FINS5550 International Banking Management 6
FINS5566 Trading in Financial Securities 6
FINS5568 Capstone - Portfolio Management Process 6
FINS5574 Empirical Asset Pricing 6
FINS5576 Asset Pricing Theory 6
FINS5577 Empirical Corporate Finance 6
FINS5579 Research Methods in Finance 2 6
FINS5580 Corporate Finance Theory 6
FINS5581 Empirical Corporate Governance 6
FINS5590 Finance Research in Practice 6
FINS5591 Continuous-Time Finance 6
FINS5593 Microstructure of Markets 6
FINS5595 Research Workshop in Finance 1 6
FINS5596 Research Workshop in Finance 2 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Finance

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
FINS5000 Research Banking and Finance Full-Time 12
FINS5001 Research Finance and Banking Part-Time 6
FINS5594 Full-Time Masters Research Thesis Banking and Finance 12
FINS6001 Part-Time Masters Research Thesis Banking and Finance 6
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