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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Art

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SART1001 Fine Arts Gateway 1 6
SART1002 Fine Arts Gateway 2 6
SART1311 Making: Painting 6
SART1312 Making: Photography 6
SART1313 Making: Printmaking 6
SART1314 Making: Installation Art 6
SART1501 Painting 6
SART1502 Drawing 6
SART1641 Video Art 6
SART2400 Painting and Materiality 6
SART2401 Painting and Technology 6
SART2402 Painting and the Body 6
SART2403 Painting: Space, Time and Place 6
SART2404 Printmaking: Etching 6
SART2405 Printmaking: Relief Printing 6
SART2406 Printmaking: Lithography 6
SART2407 Printmaking: Screenprinting 6
SART2408 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Experimental Fieldwork 6
SART2409 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Visual Poetics 6
SART2410 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Mixed Methods 6
SART2411 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Space Content Action 6
SART2412 Drawing: Materials and Construction 6
SART2413 Drawing and the individual 6
SART2414 Digital Fine Art Photography 6
SART2415 Photographic Worlds: Interventions and Fictions 6
SART2416 Photogram to Instagram 6
SART2417 Photography and Shaping Light 6
SART2818 Custom Printing 6
SART2819 Advanced Custom Printing 6
SART2828 Artists' Books 6
SART2829 Anatomy for Artists 6
SART2832 Life Drawing 6
SART2836 Colour 6
SART2845 Fine Arts Field Studies 6
SART3400 Painting in the Expanded Field 6
SART3401 Painting Futures Studio 6
SART3402 Painting: Studio in Context 6
SART3403 Painting: Studio Practice 6
SART3404 Printmaking: Expanded Fields 6
SART3406 Printmaking: Media and the Message 6
SART3408 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): The Public Domain 6
SART3409 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Self Initiated Work 6
SART3410 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Relational Art 6
SART3411 Sculpture, Performance and Installation (SPI): Studio Research 6
SART3412 Experimental Drawing 6
SART3413 Drawing: Studio practice 6
SART3414 Photography: Place and the Everyday 6
SART3415 Photography: Independent Studies 6
SART3416 Photography: Public and Private 6
SART3417 Photographies: Expanded Fields 6
SART3800 Professional Practice 6
SART3801 Special Projects - Studio 6
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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Art

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SART9001 Studio Concepts and Practices 6
SART9002 Process and Materiality 6
SART9003 The Consolidated Studio 6
SART9102 Lens and Studio Craft 6
SART9104 Additive Approaches to Art 6
SART9106 Temporal Approaches to Art 6
SART9115 Fine Arts Professional Practice 6
SART9203 Chromatic and Tonal Approaches to Contemporary Art 6
SART9204 Capstone Project 12
SART9205 Project Paper 6
SART9206 The Serial Image: Making Prints 6
SART9207 Line and Mark: Past and Futures 6
SART9704 The Laptop Atelier 6
SART9708 Figure and Figuration: Mapping the Body 6
SART9727 Drawing 6
SART9728 Painting 6
SART9744 Fine Arts Field Trip 6
SART9745 Custom Printing 6
SART9746 Advanced Custom Printing 6
SART9758 Special Projects - Studio 6
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