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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Public Health and Community Medicine

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PHCM1001 International Indigenous Health 6
PHCM4013 Influencing Health Beliefs and Health Behaviours 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Public Health and Community Medicine

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PHCM9010 Community Development 6
PHCM9012 Health Promotion and Social Perspectives of Health 6
PHCM9041 Foundations in Public Health and Health Care Systems 6
PHCM9050 Immunisation Policy and Practice 6
PHCM9082 Advanced Health Economics and Financial Management 6
PHCM9100 Academic Practice 0
PHCM9103 Independent Study 6 Units of Credit 6
PHCM9108 Program Design and Evaluation 6
PHCM9120 Qualitative Research Methods 6
PHCM9129 Prevention and Management of Chronic Disease 6
PHCM9132 Applied Research Methods for Public Health 6
PHCM9143 Internship 6
PHCM9148 Project 6 Units of Credit 6
PHCM9150 Major Project (18 Units of Credit) 18
PHCM9151 Major Project - Part A (9 Units of Credit) 9
PHCM9152 Major Project - Part B (9 Units of Credit) 9
PHCM9331 Ethics and Law in Public Health 6
PHCM9381 Policy Studies 6
PHCM9391 Strategy, Policy and Change 6
PHCM9440 Economic Evaluation in Healthcare 6
PHCM9441 Healthcare Economics and Financial Management 6
PHCM9443 Health Economics and Finance for Developing Countries 6
PHCM9471 Comparative Health Care Systems 6
PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics for Public Health 6
PHCM9517 Advanced Biostatistics and statistical computing 6
PHCM9518 Advanced Epidemiology 6
PHCM9522 Politics, Surveillance and Public Health 6
PHCM9604 Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit Drugs 6
PHCM9605 International Health 6
PHCM9606 Reproductive, Maternal and Children's Health 6
PHCM9609 Rural and Remote International Health 6
PHCM9612 Environmental Health 6
PHCM9615 Principles and Practice of Primary Health Care 6
PHCM9617 Contemporary Issues in Ageing 6
PHCM9622 The Global HIV Epidemic: Social Aspects and Impacts 6
PHCM9626 Inequalities and Health 6
PHCM9628 Health Impact Assessment 6
PHCM9630 Public Health Perspectives of Indigenous Health 6
PHCM9632 Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Across the Lifespan 6
PHCM9662 Health Aspects of Crises, Emergencies and Disasters 6
PHCM9701 Health Leadership and Workforce Management 6
PHCM9731 Outbreak Investigation 6
PHCM9748 Clinical Governance and Risk Management 6
PHCM9761 Public Health Aspects of Mental Health 6
PHCM9781 Evidence-informed Decision-making 6
PHCM9782 Current Challenges in Infectious Diseases 6
PHCM9783 Communicable Disease Control in Humanitarian Emergencies and Disasters 6
PHCM9784 Tropical Disease Control 6
PHCM9785 Predictive modelling in public health 6
PHCM9786 Global Non-Communicable Disease 6
PHCM9787 Infection Prevention and Control in the Healthcare Setting 6
PHCM9788 Infectious Diseases Intelligence 6
PHCM9789 Bioterrorism and Health Intelligence 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Public Health and Community Medicine

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PHCM9001 PhD Research Thesis Full-Time 24
PHCM9002 PhD Research Thesis Part-Time 12
PHCM9005 Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Full-Time 24
PHCM9006 Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) Part-Time 12
PHCM9007 Master of Philosophy Full Time 24
PHCM9008 Master of Philosophy Part Time 12
PHCM9200 Masters Research Thesis Full-Time 24
PHCM9201 Masters Research Thesis Part-Time 12
PHCM9820 Future Health Leaders Workshop A 6
PHCM9821 Future Health Leaders Workshop B 6
PHCM9822 Future Health Leaders Workshop C 6
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