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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Environmental Studies

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
IEST5001 Frameworks For Environmental Management 6
IEST5002 Tools for Environmental Management 6
IEST5003 Addressing Environmental Issues 6
IEST5004 Environmental Management Research Internship 6
IEST5005 Environmental Communication 6
IEST5007 Environment and Development 6
IEST5008 Protected Area Management 6
IEST5012 Environmental Management Project Paper 12
IEST5021 Corporate Environmental Sustainability Reporting 6
IEST5500 Understanding Environmental Policy 6
IEST6001 Field Ecology for Environmental Management 6
IEST6909 Environmental Management Systems 6
IEST6911 Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions 6
IEST7100 Environmental Management: Economics Fundamentals 6
IEST7200 Environmental Management: Law Fundamentals 6
IEST7300 Environmental Management: Physical Science Fundamentals 6
IEST7400 Environmental Management: Social Science Fundamentals 6
IEST7500 Environmental Management: Engineering Fundamentals 6
IEST8024 Major Research Project 24
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