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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Electrical Engineering

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ELEC1111 Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering 6
ELEC2117 Electrical Systems Design 6
ELEC2133 Analogue Electronics 6
ELEC2134 Circuits and Signals 6
ELEC2141 Digital Circuit Design 6
ELEC2142 Embedded Systems Design 6
ELEC2146 Electrical Engineering Modelling and Simulation 6
ELEC3104 Digital Signal Processing 6
ELEC3105 Electrical Energy 6
ELEC3106 Electronics 6
ELEC3111 Distributed Energy Generation 6
ELEC3114 Control Systems 6
ELEC3115 Electromagnetic Engineering 6
ELEC3117 Electrical Engineering Design 6
ELEC3145 Real Time Instrumentation 6
ELEC3705 Fundamentals of Quantum Engineering 6
ELEC4120 Thesis - Part A (Electrical Engineering) 6
ELEC4121 Thesis - Part B (Electrical Engineering) 6
ELEC4122 Strategic Leadership and Ethics 6
ELEC4123 Electrical Design Proficiency 6
ELEC4445 Entrepreneurial Engineering 6
ELEC4601 Digital and Embedded Systems Design 6
ELEC4602 Microelectronic Design and Technology 6
ELEC4603 Solid State Electronics 6
ELEC4604 Radio Frequency Electronics 6
ELEC4605 Quantum Devices and Computers 6
ELEC4611 Power System Equipment 6
ELEC4612 Power System Analysis 6
ELEC4613 Electrical Drive Systems 6
ELEC4614 Power Electronics 6
ELEC4617 Power System Protection 6
ELEC4621 Advanced Digital Signal Processing 6
ELEC4622 Multimedia Signal Processing 6
ELEC4623 Biomedical Instrumentation, Measurement and Design 6
ELEC4631 Continuous - Time Control System Design 6
ELEC4632 Computer Control Systems 6
ELEC4633 Real-Time Engineering 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Electrical Engineering

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ELEC9120 Master of Engineering Project A 6
ELEC9121 Master of Engineering Project B 6
ELEC9123 Design Proficiency 6
ELEC9701 Mixed Signal Microelectronic Design 6
ELEC9703 Microsystems Design and Technology 6
ELEC9711 Power Electronics for Renewable and Distributed Generation 6
ELEC9712 High Voltage Systems 6
ELEC9713 Industrial and Commercial Power Systems 6
ELEC9714 Electricity Industry Planning and Economics 6
ELEC9715 Electricity Industry Operation and Control 6
ELEC9716 Electrical Safety 6
ELEC9721 Digital Signal Processing Theory and Applications 6
ELEC9722 Digital Image Processing 6
ELEC9725 Satellite Navigation: Systems, Signals and Receivers 6
ELEC9731 Robust and Linear Control Systems 6
ELEC9732 Analysis and Design of Non-linear Control 6
ELEC9762 Space Mission Development 6
ELEC9764 The Ground Segment and Space Operations 6
ELEC9765 Space Law and Radio Regulations 6
ELEC9771 Project Report A 6
ELEC9772 Project Report B 6
ELEC9781 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 1 6
ELEC9782 Special Topics in Electrical Engineering 2 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Electrical Engineering

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ELEC9901 Research Electrical Engineering Part-Time 12
ELEC9902 Research Thesis Electrical Engineering Full-Time 24
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