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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Politics and International Relations

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
POLS5100 International Relations Internship 6
POLS5100 International Relations Internship Program 6
POLS5113 Thesis 12
POLS5120 Global Politics: The Globalisation of World Politics 6
POLS5121 International Organisations and Global Politics 6
POLS5122 The International Political Economy 6
POLS5125 The Politics of International Law 6
POLS5127 China and Asia-Pacific Security 6
POLS5129 The Foreign Policies of the Great Powers 6
POLS5130 International Peace and Security 6
POLS5131 Terrorism and Political Violence 6
POLS5132 Gender in Global Politics: Money, Sex and Death 6
POLS5160 The Middle East and Global Politics 6
POLS5161 Developing Countries and the International System 6
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