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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Mining Engineering

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MINE1010 Mineral Resources Engineering 6
MINE2010 Mining Project Development 6
MINE2610 Mining Services 6
MINE2810 Minerals and Processing 6
MINE3000 Research Elective 6
MINE3220 Resource Estimation 6
MINE3230 Mine Planning 6
MINE3310 Mining Geomechanics 6
MINE3430 Mining Systems 6
MINE3440 Surface Mining Systems 6
MINE3450 Underground Mining Systems 6
MINE3510 Mine Ventilation 6
MINE3630 Rock Breakage 6
MINE3800 Mineral Processing 3
MINE3910 Socio-Environmental Aspects of Mining 6
MINE4250 Hardrock Mine Design and Feasibility Project 6
MINE4260 Coal Mine Design and Feasibility Project 6
MINE4310 Mine Geotechnical Engineering 6
MINE4440 Mining Research Project I 6
MINE4450 Mining Research Project II 6
MINE4510 Advanced Mine Ventilation 6
MINE4610 Mining Asset Management and Services 6
MINE4710 Mine Management 6
MINE4820 Advanced Mineral Processing 6
MINE4910 Mining in a Global Environment 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Mining Engineering

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MINE5010 Fundamentals of rock behaviour for underground mining 6
MINE5020 Geotechnical Assessment for Underground Mining 6
MINE5030 Mining excavations in rock 6
MINE5050 Ground control principles and practice in underground coal mining 6
MINE5060 Operational geotechnical management in underground coal mining 6
MINE8101 Fundamentals of Mining Engineering 6
MINE8115 Mine Processes, Systems and Analysis 6
MINE8120 Hazard Identification, Risk and Safety Management in Mining 6
MINE8130 Technology Management in Mining 6
MINE8140 Mining Geomechanics 6
MINE8210 Management Systems - Projects, Processes, Contracts, Contractors 6
MINE8440 Mining Industry Research Project 1 6
MINE8445 Mining Industry Research Project ll 6
MINE8640 Geotechnical Hazards in Hard Rock Mines 6
MINE8660 Geotechnical Engineering for Underground Hard Rock 6
MINE8680 Geotechnical Data Collection and Analysis 6
MINE8690 Mining Geotechnical Project 6
MINE8710 Mine Slope Stability 6
MINE8720 Numerical Methods in Mine Geomechanics 6
MINE8760 Mine Geology and Geophysics for Mining Operations 6
MINE8780 Environmental Management for the Mining Industry 6
MINE8820 Mineral Processing 6
MINE8850 Mine Design and Feasibility 6
MINE8860 Drilling, Blasting and Machine Excavation 6
MINE8910 Mine Water and Waste Management 6
MINE8930 Uranium mining fundamentals 6
MINE9901 Ventilation and Mine Services 6
MINE9902 Environmental Contaminants 6
MINE9903 Heat in Underground Mines 6
MINE9904 Ventilation System Management 6
MINE9905 Coal Mine Hazards and Control 6
MINE9910 Mine Ventilation 6
MINE9920 Spontaneous Combustion and Reactive Ground 6
MINE9921 Mine Ventilation Legislation 6
MINE9922 Mine Ventilation Practices 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Mining Engineering

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MINE0008 Research Thesis Full-Time 24
MINE0009 Research Thesis Part-Time 12
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