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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Business

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZBUS1101 Organisational Behaviour 6
ZBUS1102 Business Economics 6
ZBUS1103 Introduction to Accounting 6
ZBUS1104 Foundations of Management (Integrating Core 1) 6
ZBUS2101 Business Law 6
ZBUS2200 Markets and Competition 6
ZBUS2202 Australia and the World Economy 6
ZBUS2207 Governing Australia: Managing the Public Sector 6
ZBUS2302 Leadership 6
ZBUS2304 Management Accounting 6
ZBUS2401 Financial Management 6
ZBUS2820 International Business 6
ZBUS2901 Business Research 6
ZBUS2902 Research Project in Business 1 6
ZBUS3102 Project Management 6
ZBUS3103 Human Resource Management 6
ZBUS3104 Business Capstone 6
ZBUS3203 The Making of Economic Policy 6
ZBUS3206 Managing People Across Cultures 6
ZBUS3303 Logistics Management 6
ZBUS3901 Research Project in Business 2 6
ZBUS3902 Research Project in Business 3 6
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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Business

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZBUS8101 Strategic Management 6
ZBUS8102 Organisational Behaviour 6
ZBUS8103 Strategic Human Resources 6
ZBUS8105 Finance and Investment Appraisal 6
ZBUS8108 Accounting and Financial Management 6
ZBUS8109 Business Law 6
ZBUS8147 The Business of Managing Projects 6
ZBUS8148 Economic World View 6
ZBUS8201 Leadership 6
ZBUS8203 Change Management 6
ZBUS8204 Marketing 6
ZBUS8205 Business Ethics 6
ZBUS8208 Humanitarian Logistics 6
ZBUS8210 Critical Analysis in Business 6
ZBUS8302 Logistics 6
ZBUS8303 Strategic Procurement and Outsourcing 6
ZBUS8304 Managing Technology Projects and Innovation 6
ZBUS8306 Logistics (Capability and Technology Management College) 6
ZBUS8308 Business Planning 6
ZBUS8310 Commercial Skills in the Public Sector 6
ZBUS8311 Logistics Management 6
ZBUS8312 Logistics Intelligence and Big Data Analysis 6
ZBUS8313 Risk Management in Logistics 6
ZBUS8501 Research Project - Business 6
ZBUS8502 Research Project - Business 12
ZBUS8911 Asset Management 6
ZBUS8912 Project Management - Capability and Technology Management 6
ZBUS8913 Leadership, Change and Innovation 6
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