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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Physics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PHYS1110 Everyday Physics 6
PHYS1111 Fundamentals of Physics 6
PHYS1121 Physics 1A 6
PHYS1131 Higher Physics 1A 6
PHYS1141 Higher Physics 1A (Special) 6
PHYS1149 Physics 1A (Aviation) 6
PHYS1160 Introduction to Astronomy 6
PHYS1211 Energy and Environmental Physics 6
PHYS1221 Physics 1B 6
PHYS1231 Higher Physics 1B 6
PHYS1241 Higher Physics 1B (Special) 6
PHYS2010 Mechanics 3
PHYS2020 Computational Physics 3
PHYS2040 Quantum Physics 3
PHYS2050 Electromagnetism 3
PHYS2060 Thermal Physics 3
PHYS2110 Quantum Physics and Laboratory 6
PHYS2120 Mechanics and Computational Physics 6
PHYS2160 Astronomy 3
PHYS2210 Electromagnetism and Thermal Physics 6
PHYS2630 Electronics 3
PHYS2801 Atmospheric Science 6
PHYS3011 Quantum Mechanics and Electrodynamics 6
PHYS3020 Statistical Physics 3
PHYS3021 Statistical and Solid State Physics 6
PHYS3031 Advanced Optics and Nuclear Physics 6
PHYS3040 Experimental Physics A1 3
PHYS3050 Nuclear Physics 3
PHYS3060 Advanced Optics 3
PHYS3070 Experimental Physics A2 3
PHYS3080 Solid State Physics 3
PHYS3110 Experimental Physics B1 3
PHYS3170 Cosmology and Instellar Medium 3
PHYS3210 Quantum Mechanics 3
PHYS3230 Electromagnetism 3
PHYS3310 Physics of Solid State Devices 3
PHYS3550 General Relativity 3
PHYS3610 Computational Physics 3
PHYS3710 Lasers and Applications 3
PHYS3770 Laser and Spectroscopy Laboratory 3
PHYS3780 Photonics Laboratory 3
PHYS4011 Physics Research Project 1A 12
PHYS4012 Physics Research Project 1B 12
PHYS4013 Physics Honours Coursework A 12
PHYS4014 Physics Honours Coursework B 12
PHYS4021 Physics Research Project 2A 12
PHYS4022 Physics Research Project 2B 12
PHYS4103 Physics 4 Honours Full Time 24
PHYS4200 Physics Research Project 6
PHYS4949 Advanced Topics in Physics 6
PHYS4979 Photonic Devices 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Physics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PHYS5006 Physics Research Project (6 UOC) 6
PHYS5012 Physics Research Project (12 UOC) 12
PHYS5018 Physics Research Project (18 UOC) 18
PHYS5024 Physics Research Project (24 UOC) 24
PHYS9383 Advanced Physics 6
PHYS9483 Advanced Theoretical Physics 1 6
PHYS9583 Advanced Theoretical Physics 2 6
PHYS9683 Advanced Astrophysics 6
PHYS9783 Advanced Solid State Physics 1 6
PHYS9883 Advanced Solid State Physics 2 6
PHYS9983 Advanced Experimental Physics 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Physics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
PHYS9103 Research Thesis Physics Full-Time 24
PHYS9113 Research Thesis Physics Part-Time 12
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