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ARCH Architecture Architecture Program
AVIF Aviation School of Aviation
AVIG Aviation School of Aviation
BEIL BE Interdisciplinary Learning Faculty of the Built Env
BIOM Biomedical Engineering Grad. School of Biomedical Eng
BIOS Biological Science Sch Biol, Earth & Environ Sci
COMD Comparative Development Faculty of Arts & Soc. Science
EDST Education School of Education
ELEC Electrical Engineering School of Elec Eng & Telco
FOOD Food Technology School of Chemical Engineering
GBAT Business and Technology UNSW Business School
GEOS Geoscience Sch Biol, Earth & Environ Sci
IEST Environmental Studies Institute of Environmental Stu
JURD Juris Doctor School of Law
LAWS Law Faculty of Law
MATH Mathematics Sch Mathematics & Statistics
MINE Mining Engineering School of Mining Engineering
MUPS Urban Policy and Strategy Faculty of the Built Env
PHCM Public Health and Community Medicine Sch Public Hlth and Comm Med
SOCW Social Work School of Social Sciences
SOLA Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Photovoltaic Engineering
SUSD Sustainable Development Faculty of the Built Env
UDES Urban Development Studies Faculty of the Built Env
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