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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Business and Technology

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
GBAT9100 Introduction to Management 6
GBAT9101 Project Management 6
GBAT9102 Management of Manufacturing Systems 6
GBAT9103 Business Management for a Sustainable Environment 6
GBAT9104 Management of Innovation and Technical Change 6
GBAT9106 Information Systems Management 6
GBAT9109 Sustainable Energy Management 6
GBAT9113 Strategic Management of Business and Technology 6
GBAT9114 Principles of Marketing 6
GBAT9115 Information Technology in Business 6
GBAT9117 E-Business Strategy and Management 6
GBAT9119 Managing for Organisational Sustainability 6
GBAT9120 Accounting: A User Perspective 6
GBAT9121 Managing Agile Organisations 6
GBAT9122 Business Economics 6
GBAT9123 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance 6
GBAT9124 Business Law and Technology 6
GBAT9125 Fundamentals of People Management 6
GBAT9126 Development of New Products and Services 6
GBAT9127 Supply Chain Management 6
GBAT9128 Quantitative Methods for Business Decision Making 6
GBAT9129 Managing Organisational Resources 6
GBAT9130 Enterprise Risk Management 6
GBAT9131 Leadership in a Complex Environment 6
GBAT9132 Intrapreneurship 6
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