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Campus Paddington
Subject Art & Design
Career Research
Teaching Period Teaching Period One

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
COFA8881 Masters Project (Art) Part-Time 12
COFA8882 Masters Project( Art) Full-Time 24
COFA8883 MFA (Media Arts) P/T 12
COFA8884 MFA (Media Arts) F/T 24
COFA8886 Masters Project (MArtAdmin) Part-Time 12
COFA8887 Masters Project (MArtAdmin) Full-Time 24
COFA8890 Research Thesis 6UOC 6
COFA8891 Research Thesis 24 Units of Credit 24
COFA8892 Research Thesis 12 Units of Credit 12
COFA9100 Research Literature Review 6
COFA9555 PhD 12
COFA9556 PhD (Media Arts) Full-Time 24
COFA9880 PhD (Art Theory) Part Time 12
COFA9881 PhD (Art Theory) Full Time 24
COFA9882 PhD (Art) Part Time 12
COFA9883 PhD (Art) Full Time 24
COFA9884 PhD (Art Education) Part Time 12
COFA9885 PhD (Art Education) Full Time 24
COFA9886 PhD (Design Studies) Part Time 12
COFA9887 PhD (Design Studies) Full Time 24
COFA9993 Masters Project (Art Theory) Part Time 12
COFA9994 Masters Project(Art Theory)Full Time 24
COFA9995 Masters Project(Art Education)Part Time 12
COFA9996 Masters Project(Art Education)Full Time 24
COFA9997 Masters Project(Design)Part Time 12
COFA9998 Masters Project (Design) Full Time 24
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