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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Organisation and Management - Commerce & Economics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MGMT0011 International Business:Australia & South East Asia 6
MGMT1001 Managing Organisations and People 6
MGMT1002 Managing Organisational Behaviour 6
MGMT1101 Global Business Environment 6
MGMT2001 Managing Innovation and Organisational Change 6
MGMT2002 Managing Business Communication 6
MGMT2010 Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Principles and Practice 6
MGMT2101 International Business and Multinational Operations 6
MGMT2102 Managing Across Cultures 6
MGMT2105 East Asian Business Enterprise 6
MGMT2106 Comparative Management Systems 6
MGMT2200 Critical Thinking and Analysis 6
MGMT2704 Social Organisation of Work 6
MGMT2705 Industrial Relations 6
MGMT2718 Human Resource Management 6
MGMT2721 Managing People 6
MGMT2724 Health and Safety at Work 6
MGMT2725 Career Planning and Management 6
MGMT3001 Business and Corporate Strategy 6
MGMT3101 International Business Strategy 6
MGMT3102 Asia-Pacific Business 6
MGMT3110 Intergrative Seminar in Global Business 6
MGMT3701 Legal Aspects of Employment 6
MGMT3702 International Human Resource Management Practice 6
MGMT3708 Research Methods in Employment and Management 6
MGMT3721 Negotiation Skills 6
MGMT3724 Strategic Human Resource Management 6
MGMT3728 Managing Pay and Performance 6
MGMT3729 Managing Workplace Training 6
MGMT4101 Contemporary Research Topic 6
MGMT4103 New Research in Organisation & Management 6
MGMT4104 Contemporary Research Topic 6
MGMT4500 Research Thesis A in International Businesss 12
MGMT4501 Research Thesis B in International Business 12
MGMT4738 Thesis (Human Resource Management) 12
MGMT4739 Thesis B (Human Resource Management) 12
MGMT4750 Management 4 (Honours) F/T 12
MGMT4751 Management 4 (Honours) P/T 12
MGMT4752 Management 4 (Honours) Combined 12
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Organisation and Management - Commerce & Economics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MGMT5050 Teams, Ethics and Competitive Advantage 6
MGMT5601 Global Business and Multinational Enterprise 6
MGMT5602 Cross-Cultural Management 6
MGMT5603 Global Business Strategy and Management 6
MGMT5604 Asia-Pacific Business and Management 6
MGMT5606 Chinese Business and Management 6
MGMT5608 Corporate Strategy in East Asia 6
MGMT5609 Global Business Operations and Management 6
MGMT5610 Integrative Cases in International Business 6
MGMT5611 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management 6
MGMT5699 Project Report in International Business 12
MGMT5700 Management Work and Organisation 6
MGMT5701 Employment Relations 6
MGMT5703 Social Investment and Philanthropy 6
MGMT5704 Demonstrating Social Impact 6
MGMT5705 The Management of Training 6
MGMT5706 Design for Social Innovation 6
MGMT5707 Social Impact Field Project 6
MGMT5708 Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation 6
MGMT5709 Corporate Responsibility and Accountability 6
MGMT5710 Managing and Leading People 6
MGMT5711 Employment and Industrial Law 6
MGMT5712 Negotiation Skills 6
MGMT5800 Technology, Management and Innovation 6
MGMT5801 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation 6
MGMT5802 Competitive Advantage Through People 6
MGMT5901 Organisational Behaviour 6
MGMT5902 Leadership for Social Impact 6
MGMT5904 Managing Organisational Change 6
MGMT5906 Organisations and People in Context 6
MGMT5907 Human Resource Management 6
MGMT5908 Strategic Human Resource Management 6
MGMT5910 Managing Human Capital for Sustainability 6
MGMT5912 International Business Negotiation 6
MGMT5940 Career Management and Skills 6
MGMT5947 Remuneration and Performance Management 6
MGMT5948 Human Resource Recruitment, Selection and Development 6
MGMT5949 International Human Resource Management 6
MGMT5980 Managing the Human Side of Technological Innovation 6
MGMT5982 Advanced Theory in Organisation and Management 6
MGMT5983 Advanced Methods in Organisation and Management 6
MGMT6004 People Organisation and Risk 6
MGMT6005 Governing and Managing Organisational Risk 6
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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Organisation and Management - Commerce & Economics

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MGMT5000 Full Time PhD Thesis Organisation and Management 24
MGMT5001 Part-Time PhD Thesis Organisation and Management 12
MGMT5691 Special Topic in International Business 6
MGMT5751 Full-Time Masters Thesis Employment Relations 24
MGMT5752 PT Masters Thesis Employment Relations 12
MGMT5931 Special Topic in Organisational Behaviour 6
MGMT5950 PT Masters thesis Org Behaviour 12
MGMT5951 Masters Thesis (Organisational Behaviour) FT 24
MGMT5953 Full-Time Masters Thesis Human Resource Management 24
MGMT5954 PT Masters Thesis Human Resource Management 12
MGMT5955 FT Masters Thesis International Business 24
MGMT5956 PT Masters Thesis International Business 12
MGMT6901 Part-Time MCom (Hons) Thesis Organisational Behaviour 12
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