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Campus Sydney
Subject Medicine
Career Research
Teaching Period Teaching Period One

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MDCN9001 Postgraduate Program Medicine Full-Time (Prince of Wales) 24
MDCN9002 Postgraduate Program Medicine Part-Time (Prince of Wales) 12
MDCN9003 Postgraduate Program Medicine Full-Time (Swsahs) 24
MDCN9004 Postgraduate Program Medicine Part-Time (Swsahs) 12
MDCN9005 Postgraduate Program Medicine Full-Time (St George) 24
MDCN9006 Postgraduate Program Medicine Part-Time (St George) 12
MDCN9007 Postgraduate Program Medicine Full-Time (St Vincents) 24
MDCN9008 Postgraduate Program Medicine Part-Time (St Vincents) 12
MDCN9009 Research Thesis (Rural) Full-time 24
MDCN9010 Research Thesis (Rural) Part-time 12
MDCN9011 Research Thesis (Kirby Institute) F/T 24
MDCN9012 Research Thesis (Kirby Institute) P/T 12
MDCN9013 Research Thesis (Aust Institute Health Innovation) F/T 24
MDCN9014 Research Thesis (Aust Institute Health Innovation) P/T 12
MDCN9801 MD by Published Work (Prince Henry/Prince of Wales) 24
MDCN9803 MD by Published Work (St. George) 24
MDCN9805 M.D. by Published Work (St.Vincents) 24
MDCN9807 M.D. by Published Work Full-Time (Swsahs) 24
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