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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Industrial Design

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
IDES1071 Materials and Tech 1: Physical Principles 6
IDES1211 Design Studio 1A 6
IDES1212 Design Studio 1B 6
IDES1213 Design Studio 1C 6
IDES1262 Communications 2: Sketch Modelling 6
IDES2021 Design Theory 2: Society 6
IDES2023 Design Theory 4 : Methods 6
IDES2072 Materials and Tech 2: Manufacturing 6
IDES2171 Communication 3: 3D CAD Modelling 6
IDES2201 Design Theory 3: People 6
IDES2221 Design Studio 2A 6
IDES2222 Design Studio 2B 6
IDES2223 Design Studio 2C 6
IDES3021 Design Theory 5: Perspectives 6
IDES3235 Industrial Design in the Asian Century 6
IDES3321 Design Studio 3A 6
IDES3322 Design Studio 3B 6
IDES4100 Capstone Research 12
IDES4111 Advanced Studio 6
IDES4112 Capstone Project 18
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