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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Engineering & Information Technology
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period One - ADFA

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZEIT1208 Introduction to Electrical Engineering 6
ZEIT1504 Introduction to Mechanical, Aeronautical and Naval Architecture Engineering 6
ZEIT1600 Introduction to Civil Engineering 6
ZEIT1800 Introduction to Aviation Technology 6
ZEIT2103 Data Structures and Representation 6
ZEIT2104 Computers and Security 6
ZEIT2106 Digital Forensics 6
ZEIT2207 Design of Electronic Circuits 2 6
ZEIT2208 Programmable Digital Systems 6
ZEIT2500 Thermofluids 6
ZEIT2501 Mechanical and Electronic Design 6
ZEIT2603 Civil Engineering Materials 6
ZEIT2802 Aircraft Systems for Aviators 6
ZEIT2803 Aviation Safety 6
ZEIT2901 Engineering Research 2A 6
ZEIT3111 Special Topic 6
ZEIT3113 Computer Languages and Algorithms 6
ZEIT3118 IT Project 1 6
ZEIT3119 Web Development and Security 6
ZEIT3120 Programming for Security 6
ZEIT3190 Computing and Cyber Security Research 3A 6
ZEIT3215 Signals and Systems 6
ZEIT3220 Engineering Electromagnetics 6
ZEIT3222 Control Engineering 6
ZEIT3501 Engineering Materials 6
ZEIT3502 Vibration and Control Engineering 6
ZEIT3503 Aerodynamics 6
ZEIT3600 Structural Analysis 6
ZEIT3602 Geotechnical Design 6
ZEIT3607 Transport Planning and Engineering 6
ZEIT3750 Naval Architecture Practice, Hydrostatics and Stability 6
ZEIT3805 Airport Operations and Systems 6
ZEIT3901 Engineering Research 3A 6
ZEIT4003 Computational Fluid Dynamics 6
ZEIT4006 Structural Integrity Assessment 6
ZEIT4007 Rotorcraft Engineering 6
ZEIT4014 Impact Dynamics 6
ZEIT4101 Computer Science Honours Special Topic 1 12
ZEIT4102 Computer Science Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT4115 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Research 1 12
ZEIT4116 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Research 2 12
ZEIT4117 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZEIT4118 Computing and Cyber Security Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT4150 Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 6
ZEIT4227 Radar Techniques and Applications 6
ZEIT4230 Electrical Engineering Design Practice 6
ZEIT4297 Electrical Engineering Project Extension 6
ZEIT4500 Engineering Project A 6
ZEIT4501 Engineering Project B 6
ZEIT4502 Aircraft and Systems Design 2 6
ZEIT4506 Orbital Mechanics 6
ZEIT4600 Civil Design Practice 6
ZEIT4603 Finite Element Method 6
ZEIT4604 Hydrology and Environmental Engineering Practice 6
ZEIT4700 Mechanical Design 2 6
ZEIT4702 Microcontroller-based Instrumentation 6
ZEIT4801 Aviation Honours Special Topic 1 6
ZEIT4802 Aviation Honours Special Topic 2 6
ZEIT4901 Engineering Research 4A 12
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