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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Engineering & Information Technology
Career Postgraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two - ADFA

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZEIT8001 Special Elective 1: Project Management 6
ZEIT8008 Space Systems Design 6
ZEIT8009 Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) 6
ZEIT8010 Marine Technology 6
ZEIT8011 Space Systems Technology 6
ZEIT8020 Cyber Offence: Threats and Opportunities 6
ZEIT8023 Wireless, Mobile and Internet of Things Security 6
ZEIT8024 Software Security Lifecycle 6
ZEIT8026 Cyber Defence: Network Security Operations 6
ZEIT8027 Critical Infrastructure and Control System Security 6
ZEIT8028 Digital Forensics 6
ZEIT8030 Big Data and Decision Analytics for Security 6
ZEIT8032 Information Assurance Principles 6
ZEIT8034 Advanced Test and Evaluation Techniques 6
ZEIT8035 Cyber Terrorism 6
ZEIT8037 Cyber Security Risk Management 6
ZEIT8039 Reliability Engineering Assurance 6
ZEIT8042 Introduction to Exploit Development 6
ZEIT8043 Cyber and the Law 6
ZEIT8115 Information Operations 6
ZEIT8119 Internetworking 6
ZEIT8198 Project - Information Technology (Part-Time) 6
ZEIT8205 Fundamentals of Surveillance Technologies 6
ZEIT8213 Communications and Information Systems 6
ZEIT8221 Spaceborne Imaging Technology 6
ZEIT8226 Systems Engineering Practice 6
ZEIT8230 Requirements Practice 6
ZEIT8231 Test and Evaluation 6
ZEIT8233 Explosive Ordnance Technology 6
ZEIT8236 System Safety Engineering 6
ZEIT8239 Systems Engineering Project 3
ZEIT8241 Requirements Practice Project 3
ZEIT8243 Satellite Communications Project 3
ZEIT8245 Systems Thinking and Modelling Project 3
ZEIT8247 Test and Evaluation Project 3
ZEIT8261 Project Report - Cyber Security (Full Time) 12
ZEIT8270 Project Report - Decision Analytics Part-Time 6
ZEIT8271 Project Report - Decision Analytics Full-Time 12
ZEIT8280 Project - Project Management F/T 12
ZEIT8281 Project - Project Management P/T 6
ZEIT8296 Project Report - Systems Engineering Part Time 6
ZEIT8297 Project Report - Systems Engineering Full Time 12
ZEIT8298 Project Report - Engineering Science Part-Time 6
ZEIT8302 Project Administration 6
ZEIT8303 Project Management Body of Knowledge 6
ZEIT8307 System Dynamics Modelling 6
ZEIT8403 Capability Option Analysis 6
ZEIT8412 Simulation 6
ZEIT8413 Simulation Applications 6
ZEIT8416 Research Practices for Operations Analysis 6
ZEIT8503 Aerospace Vehicle Technologies 6
ZEIT8506 Weapons Engineering 6
ZEIT8704 Vehicles and Mobility 6
ZEIT8900 Professional Practice 6
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