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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Business Accelerated

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZZBU5611 Strategic Decision Making 6
ZZBU6002 Financial Management 6
ZZBU6004 Foundations of Marketing 6
ZZBU6501 Introductory Data Analysis 6
ZZBU6502 Analytics and Business 6
ZZBU6503 Managing People, Analytics and Change 6
ZZBU6505 Data and Ethics 6
ZZBU6507 Data Visualisation and Communication 6
ZZBU6508 Analytics and Consulting 6
ZZBU6509 Financial Modelling 6
ZZBU6510 Decision Making in Analytics 6
ZZBU6511 Predictive Analytics 6
ZZBU6601 General Analytics Capstone 6
ZZBU8501 FinTech Ecosystem and Industry Insights 6
ZZBU8502 Decentralised Finance 6
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