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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Design Studies

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SDES2116 Design Practice 6
SDES2167 Textiles for Fashion 6
SDES2168 Commercial Textile Design 6
SDES2170 Rendering and Illustration for Designers 6
SDES2188 Wheel Throwing in Contemporary Ceramic Practice 6
SDES2203 Drawing for Design 6
SDES2414 Sustainable Design: Theories and Practice 6
SDES2463 Graphics Media: Typography and Publication Design 6
SDES2464 Cultural Textiles: Field Trips 6
SDES3166 Jewellery Design for Fashion 6
SDES3174 Digital Design - Introduction to Web Design 6
SDES3400 Textile Industry and Forecasting 6
SDES3401 Smart Textiles and New Technologies 6
SDES3402 Second Skin: Textiles and the Body 6
SDES3403 Experimental Art Textiles 6
SDES3404 Ceramics: Form and Context 6
SDES3405 Ceramics: Interactive Artefacts 6
SDES3406 Graphics Media: Visual Identity 6
SDES3407 Graphics Media: Data Visualisation, Interactives and Wayfinding 6
SDES3408 Jewellery Installation and Jewellery for the Table 6
SDES3409 Jewellery: Contextual Issues through Bodyworks 6
SDES3410 Object Design: Industry Connections 6
SDES3412 Spatial Design: Visualising Virtual Spaces 6
SDES3413 Spatial Design and Documentation: Structures and Surfaces 6
SDES3414 Integrated Project 6
SDES4205 Information Graphics: Design and Visualising Data 6
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Campus Paddington
Subject Area Design Studies

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
SDES9203 Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity 6
SDES9204 Design Studio: Insight, Processes and Communication 6
SDES9210 Critical Approaches to Design Practice 6
SDES9211 Integrated Studio: Culture and Identity 6
SDES9213 Design Studio Project A 6
SDES9214 Design Studio Project B 6
SDES9300 Transforming the Everyday: Domestic Futures 6
SDES9305 Participatory Design for Commercial Contexts 6
SDES9311 Interaction Design Foundations 6
SDES9312 Interaction Design: Human-Centred Design Methods 6
SDES9315 Tangible Interfaces and Interactive Displays 6
SDES9316 Wearable and Bio-Sensing Interactions 6
SDES9320 Exploring 3D Visualisation 6
SDES9321 3D Digital Aesthetics 6
SDES9350 Urban Intervention: People Places and Cultural Contexts 6
SDES9352 Imperatives for a Sustainable Future 6
SDES9464 Cultural Textiles: Field Trips 6
SDES9746 Textiles - Contemporary Studio 6
SDES9747 Introduction to Furniture and Lighting 6
SDES9748 Jewellery Studio 6
SDES9760 Introduction to Graphics Media 6
SDES9761 Contemporary Typography 6
SDES9762 Graphic Design for the Web 6
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