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Campus Paddington
Subject Domain Art
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Three

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
DART1110 Drawing 1: Foundations 6
DART1111 Life Drawing 6
DART1120 Painting 1: Foundations 6
DART1121 Painting and the Body 6
DART1130 Photography 1: Foundations 6
DART1131 Digital Fine Art Photography 6
DART1140 Printmaking 1: Foundations 6
DART1142 Printmaking: Lithography 6
DART1150 Sculpture 1: Foundations 6
DART1191 Ceramics: Method and Meaning 6
DART1201 Media Arts Gateway 2 6
DART1210 Animation 1 6
DART1220 Visual Effects 1 6
DART1230 Moving Image 1 6
DART1240 Sound 1 6
DART1250 Interactive Media 1 6
DART1301 Histories of Contemporary Art: Part 2 6
DART1351 Critical Discourses in Media Arts 6
DART2331 Data Aesthetics 6
DART2341 Art, Exhibitions, and Institutions 6
DART3320 Art, Gender, and Sexuality 6
DART3340 Socially Engaged Art 6
DART3341 Writing as Practice 6
DART3342 World Biennales: Field Trip 6
DART4102 Fine Arts Honours Research Project 2 12
DART4103 Fine Arts Honours Research Project 2 6
DART4202 Media Arts Honours Research Project 2 12
DART4203 Media Arts Honours Research Project 2 6
DART4301 Art Theory Honours Research Project 12
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