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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Humanities & Social Sciences
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period Two - ADFA

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZHSS1102 English and Media Studies 1B: Cultures of Conflict 6
ZHSS1202 History 1B: The Second World War 1942-1949 6
ZHSS1302 Indonesian 1B 6
ZHSS1304 Indonesian 1D 6
ZHSS1402 International and Political Studies 1B: World Politics 6
ZHSS2133 Another Country: Australian Literature 6
ZHSS2230 Contemporary African History 6
ZHSS2235 Conflict in the Asia-Pacific 6
ZHSS2302 Indonesian 2B 6
ZHSS2304 Indonesian 2D 6
ZHSS2423 Key Political Thinkers 6
ZHSS2601 Introductory Business Ethics 6
ZHSS2902 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project 1 6
ZHSS3138 War Literature and Film 6
ZHSS3202 Preliminary Honours History: Methodology, Research and Writing 6
ZHSS3212 Australian Military History 1788 to the Present 6
ZHSS3302 Indonesian 3B 6
ZHSS3412 Politics of Australian Security 6
ZHSS3417 Ethnic Conflict and World Politics 6
ZHSS3437 Politics of the USA 6
ZHSS3502 Civil-State-Military Relations in Indonesia 6
ZHSS3902 Humanities & Social Sciences Research Project 3 6
ZHSS4001 Arts Honours Research 1 6
ZHSS4002 Arts Honours Research 2 24
ZHSS4006 History Honours Research 2 15
ZHSS4012 Arts Honours Research 3 12
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