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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Humanities & Social Sciences
Career Undergraduate
Teaching Period Teaching Period One - ADFA

Courses Offered
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZHSS1101 English and Media Studies 1A: Culture and Communication 6
ZHSS1201 History 1A: The Second World War 1937-1941 6
ZHSS1301 Indonesian 1A 6
ZHSS1303 Indonesian 1C 6
ZHSS1401 International and Political Studies 1A: Ideals, Interests and Power 6
ZHSS2120 Heroism, Banditry and Manhood in Popular Culture 6
ZHSS2224 The Road to Ruin? Germany 1700-1933 6
ZHSS2229 Russian History: Medieval to Modern Times 6
ZHSS2301 Indonesian 2A 6
ZHSS2303 Indonesian 2C 6
ZHSS2427 Politics of the Great Powers 6
ZHSS2506 Development Policy & Social Contexts in Indonesia 6
ZHSS2600 Practical Ethics for the 21st Century 6
ZHSS2901 Humanities & Social Sciences Special Topic 1 6
ZHSS3121 Classic Literary Texts 6
ZHSS3201 Preliminary Honours History 6
ZHSS3231 First World War 6
ZHSS3301 Indonesian 3A 6
ZHSS3425 Air Power in Small and Irregular Wars 6
ZHSS3438 The United Nations in Global Politics 6
ZHSS3901 Humanities & Social Sciences Research Project 2 6
ZHSS3902 Humanities & Social Sciences Research Project 3 6
ZHSS4001 Arts Honours Research 1 6
ZHSS4003 Arts Honours Special Topic 1 9
ZHSS4004 Arts Honours Special Topic 2 9
ZHSS4005 History Honours Research 1 15
ZHSS4007 Historiography Honours 9
ZHSS4008 History Honours Special Topic 9
ZHSS4009 International and Political Studies Honours Special Topic 9
ZHSS4010 English and Media Studies Honours Special Topic 9
ZHSS4011 Indonesian Studies Special Topic 9
ZHSS4012 Arts Honours Research 3 12
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