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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Nura Gili (Indigenous Programs)

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ATSI0001 Enabling Skills 1 6
ATSI0002 Enabling Skills 2 6
ATSI1011 Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI1012 Aboriginal Sydney 6
ATSI2003 Indigenous Material Culture-Objects and Their Journey 6
ATSI2004 Popular Culture of Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI2011 Indigenous Australian Political History 6
ATSI2014 Indigenous People and Policy 6
ATSI2015 The Science of Indigenous Knowledges 6
ATSI2016 Torres Strait: Past and Present 6
ATSI3002 Gendered Identities in Indigenous Australia 6
ATSI3003 Indigenous Cultural Heritage and the Environment 6
ATSI3005 Race, Colonialism and Whiteness 6
ATSI3007 Human-Animal Interactions in Indigenous Domains 6
ATSI3008 Indigenous Studies Capstone 6
ATSI3017 Indigenous Histories and the Colonial World 6
ATSI4001 Advanced Indigenous Studies: Issues and Debates 6
ATSI4002 Research Design in Indigenous Studies 12
ATSI4101 Indigenous Studies Honours I 6
ATSI4102 Indigenous Studies Honours II 24
ATSI7001 Pre-Business Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7002 Pre-Law Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7003 Pre-Medicine Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7004 Pre-Social Work Program (Indigenous) 12
ATSI7006 Pre-Teacher Education Program (Secondary) (Indigenous) 12
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