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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Humanities & Social Sciences

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZHSS1101 English and Media Studies 1A: Culture and Communication 6
ZHSS1102 English and Media Studies 1B: Cultures of Conflict 6
ZHSS1201 History 1A: The Second World War 1937-1941 6
ZHSS1202 History 1B: The Second World War 1942-1949 6
ZHSS1301 Indonesian 1A 6
ZHSS1302 Indonesian 1B 6
ZHSS1303 Indonesian 1C 6
ZHSS1304 Indonesian 1D 6
ZHSS1401 International and Political Studies 1A: Ideals, Interests and Power 6
ZHSS1402 International and Political Studies 1B: World Politics 6
ZHSS2104 Studies in the Media 6
ZHSS2108 Dream and Disillusionment: American Literature 6
ZHSS2134 Special Studies (English) I 6
ZHSS2135 Special Studies (English) II 6
ZHSS2210 The Origins of Modern War 6
ZHSS2217 Genocide: Crime of Crimes 6
ZHSS2230 Contemporary African History 6
ZHSS2231 US Military History: Colonial Times to the Present 6
ZHSS2301 Indonesian 2A 6
ZHSS2302 Indonesian 2B 6
ZHSS2303 Indonesian 2C 6
ZHSS2304 Indonesian 2D 6
ZHSS2305 Special Studies (Indonesian) 1 6
ZHSS2424 The Application of Air Power 6
ZHSS2428 The Great Clashes that Define Us: Ideology in Australia 6
ZHSS2601 Introductory Business Ethics 6
ZHSS2650 Special Studies (Ethics and Philosophy) I 6
ZHSS2651 Special Studies (Ethics and Philosophy) II 6
ZHSS2901 Humanities & Social Sciences Special Topic 1 6
ZHSS2902 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project 1 6
ZHSS3140 Literatures of the World 6
ZHSS3141 Literature of the Modern 6
ZHSS3202 Preliminary Honours History: Methodology, Research and Writing 6
ZHSS3218 Special Studies (History) I 6
ZHSS3219 Special Studies (History) II 6
ZHSS3228 Insurgency/Counterinsurgency 6
ZHSS3234 Nazi Germany 1933-45 6
ZHSS3301 Indonesian 3A 6
ZHSS3302 Indonesian 3B 6
ZHSS3402 Political Cultures in Asia and the Pacific 6
ZHSS3414 Regional Security Issues 6
ZHSS3419 Special Studies (International and Political Studies) I 6
ZHSS3420 Special Studies (International and Political Studies) II 6
ZHSS3421 Topics in Political Philosophy 6
ZHSS3431 The Politics of International Human Rights 6
ZHSS3501 Islam and Challenges of Modernity 6
ZHSS3505 Class and Gender in Indonesia 6
ZHSS3901 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project 2 6
ZHSS3902 Humanities and Social Sciences Research Project 3 6
ZHSS4001 Arts Honours Research 1 6
ZHSS4002 Arts Honours Research 2 24
ZHSS4003 Arts Honours Special Topic 1 9
ZHSS4004 Arts Honours Special Topic 2 9
ZHSS4005 History Honours Research 1 15
ZHSS4006 History Honours Research 2 15
ZHSS4007 History Honours Special Topic 1 9
ZHSS4008 History Special Topic 2 9
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Campus UNSW Canberra at ADFA
Subject Area Humanities & Social Sciences

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
ZHSS8102 American Empire 6
ZHSS8106 War and Memory 6
ZHSS8112 Occasional Elective: English 6
ZHSS8122 Research Project - English Single Session 12
ZHSS8123 Research Project - English Full Year 6
ZHSS8204 Modern Naval History and Strategy 6
ZHSS8205 Occasional Elective: History 6
ZHSS8210 Genocide: Perception and Intervention 6
ZHSS8212 Research Project: History Single Session 12
ZHSS8215 Research Project - History 6
ZHSS8217 Amphibious Warfare 6
ZHSS8223 The First World War 1914-1919 6
ZHSS8227 Civil Wars: Societies in Conflict 6
ZHSS8229 The Spanish Civil War 6
ZHSS8400 Research Project: International and Political Studies Single Session 12
ZHSS8401 Research Project - International and Political Studies Full Year 6
ZHSS8401 Research Project International & Political Studies - Full Year 6
ZHSS8403 Global Security 6
ZHSS8406 Occasional Elective: International and Political Studies 6
ZHSS8410 Australian Defence Policy: Concepts and Challenges 6
ZHSS8435 Contemporary Strategy 6
ZHSS8437 Global Justice and World Politics 6
ZHSS8441 Cyber-Security and World Politics 6
ZHSS8442 Conflict Transformation 6
ZHSS8443 National Security Challenges and Policies in the Indo-Pacific 6
ZHSS8446 Special Studies in Indo-Pacific Security 1 6
ZHSS8447 Terrorism, Insurgency, and Transnational Crime 6
ZHSS8448 Strategic Rivalry Between Asia's Great Powers 6
ZHSS8449 Security, Collaboration and Competition in the Indo-Pacific 6
ZHSS8450 Special Studies in Indo-Pacific Security 2 6
ZHSS8451 Comparative National Security Policies in the Indo-Pacific 6
ZHSS8454 Strategic Issues in the Maritime Domain 6
ZHSS8455 Australian Cyber Diplomacy 6
ZHSS8456 Australian Cyber Forces 6
ZHSS8457 Cyber Security in Asia 6
ZHSS8458 Cyber Policy in China 6
ZHSS8460 Power and Australian Government Policy 6
ZHSS8462 Ethics in Special Operations and Irregular Warfare 6
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