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Campus Sydney
Subject Area Modern Language Studies

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MODL5100 Translation and Interpreting Theories 6
MODL5101 Interpreting in Legal Settings 6
MODL5102 Interpreting in Community Settings 6
MODL5103 Media Translation 6
MODL5104 Translation in Specialised Areas 6
MODL5105 Conference Interpreting 6
MODL5106 Text Analysis for Translation 6
MODL5107 Technology for Translation 6
MODL5108 Preparation for Accreditation in Translation 6
MODL5110 Translation in C Language 6
MODL5111 Practicum A 6
MODL5112 Practicum B 6
MODL5113 Interpreting Accreditation Preparation 6
MODL5114 Research Project 1 in Interpreting and Translation 6
MODL5115 Research Project 2: Interpreting and Translation 6
MODL5116 Advanced Conference Interpreting 6
MODL5117 Interpreting in International Settings 6
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