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Subject Area Management

Subject Area Listing
Code Course Title Units of Credit
MNGT5095 Foundations of Management 6
MNGT5180 Operationalising Strategy 6
MNGT5201 Economics in Management Practice 6
MNGT5202 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 6
MNGT5203 Entrepreneurship From the Inside 6
MNGT5204 Foundations of Managerial Skills 6
MNGT5211 Accounting 6
MNGT5221 Corporate Finance 6
MNGT5232 Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling for Business 6
MNGT5251 Marketing Management 6
MNGT5272 Organisational Behaviour 6
MNGT5282 Strategy 6
MNGT5311 Accounting for Strategic Decision Making 6
MNGT5312 Financial Statement Analysis 6
MNGT5321 Advanced Managerial Finance 6
MNGT5322 Venture Capital Finance 6
MNGT5325 International Finance 6
MNGT5352 Marketing Strategy 6
MNGT5356 Digital Business and Marketing Strategy 6
MNGT5370 Leadership Concepts and Skills 6
MNGT5374 Managerial Decision Making 6
MNGT5379 Strategic Change Leadership 6
MNGT5388 Negotiations and Strategy 6
MNGT5395 Strategies for Growth 6
MNGT5520 Special Topic - Quantitative Business Modelling for Managers 6
MNGT5521 Financial Strategy 6
MNGT5540 Business Modelling 6
MNGT5540 Special Topic: Business Modelling 6
MNGT5585 Individual Study in Management 6
MNGT5587 Extension Research Project 12 UoC 12
MNGT5588 Extension Research Project 24 Units of Credit 24
MNGT5589 Strategic Consulting Projects 6
MNGT5590 Work Integrated Learning 12uoc 12
MNGT5592 Work Integrated Learning 24 Units of Credit 24
MNGT6210 Accounting and Financial Management 6
MNGT6211 The Executive Blueprint 6
MNGT6232 Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling 6
MNGT6233 Operations Management 6
MNGT6251 Marketing Management 6
MNGT6275 Managing People and Organisations 6
MNGT6302 Economics in Management Practice 6
MNGT6321 Corporate Finance 6
MNGT6370 Foundations of Managerial Skills 6
MNGT6582 International Business 6
MNGT6583 International Business Experience 6
MNGT7480 Leadership 6
MNGT7491 Strategic Management 1 10.5
MNGT7492 Strategic Management 2 10.5
MNGT7493 Strategic Management 3 10.5
MNGT7494 Strategic Management 4 10.5
MNGT7496 Innovation 12
MNGT8174 Managerial Skills 6
MNGT8180 Strategic Restructuring 6
MNGT8356 Digital Business and Marketing 6
MNGT8482 Corporate Strategy 6
MNGT8520 Quantitative Business Modelling 6
MNGT8574 Managerial Decision Making 6
MNGT8620 Integrated Reporting, Integrated Thinking & Value Creation 6
MNGT8712 Negotiation Skills 6
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